March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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Celebrating his uncle's 21st birthday...doesn't he look like he's the one that's drunk? 😉


Outside on the porch, enjoying the fresh air


...and some blueberries!


February 10, 2012

Eight months, in pictures

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I know I owe you guys some updates (and apologies!) but in the meantime, here’s a pictorial of my little guy over the past eight months.

One month (June)

Two months (July)

8 weeks

Three months (August)

Four months (September)

Five months (October)

Six months (November)

Seven months (December)

Eight months (January)


October 21, 2010

Happy first day of ICLW!

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I promise that I’ll write a real intro post tomorrow, but I just wanted to say hello and welcome to anyone visiting from ICLW. 🙂

October 14, 2010


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We’re now T-24 hours away from our very first ultrasound, so I thought I’d ask you guys…

Do you think we’re having one baby OR TWO?

My vote is one…(although, I would be completely PSYCHED to get a two-for- 😉 )

October 1, 2010

I had a dream

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Last night, I dreamt that I took a pregnancy test and got a positive – finally TWO LINES. 

But instead of making me feel excited and hopeful, I’m just terrified.  Terrified to get my hopes up, and terrified that I’ll never see two lines. 


May 27, 2010

The good wife

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Oh, and did I mention that S’s bro (one of his FOUR brothers, and two sisters) arrived from Ireland last night, and is staying with us until June 21st?  Yeah. 

I really don’t mind – especially since S gave up his friends, family, and COUNTRY for me eight years ago – but the timing seriously couldn’t be worse.

I guess the only thing that’s good about not being pregnant right now is the fact that I won’t be morning-sick and puking in M’s ear. :-/

April 28, 2010

Highs and lows

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I woke up this morning and remembered the most delicious dream…I was pregnant with twins!  For some reason, I was the one that did the ultrasound and discovered there were two, which yes, was a little strange, lol…but it was such a fun little thought.  I woke up and knew that it was just a dream, but it gave me a big lift and was a great encouragement to get up out of bed and off to my monitoring appointment. 

It ended up being my RE doing the ultrasound this morning, which was a nice treat, but instead of taking advantage of some face time, my mind went totally blank and I just nodded and smiled the whole time.  Der.  The appointment itself was a little discouraging…my follies just haven’t grown that much (10’s and 11’s, vs. 9’s and 10’s from Monday).  Dr. T was hard to read, and just kept saying that we had to be super careful so that we didn’t have to cancel the cycle again.  He wants to limp me along with the stim meds, so that the majority of the follicles stay small with just a few growing (and growing well). 

We just have to wait to get my E2 number to confirm, but he thinks that I’ll probably do the same thing I did the past two nights – Repronex only tonight, then Repronex and half of the Gonal-F tomorrow.  (For JS, and the others who might be wondering, the estradiol levels are used to determine whether too many follicles are growing.  The bigger the follicles, the more estradiol they release, which is why the number goes up as the cycle progresses, but lots of little ones can release the equivalent of a few big ones.  My E2 number is the reason that the last cycle needed to be cancelled, so they’re watching it very carefully.)

So I have to keep wishing for a low E2 but big follies…oh, and a retrieval either before or after May 6th.  Just realized that I have a work presentation scheduled next Thursday afternoon, that I thought I’d definitely be able to avoid, but now I’m getting worried that my retrieval might be right on that date.  And this preso is a HUGE deal.  Figures.

I’m just feeling a little bummed out today…I hope to God that my E2 level is still low and that we don’t have to start worrying about that…but enough already, let’s get moving!


UPDATE – I gues I’m more than a little bummed out.  I just started crying on the phone to S, for really no reason.  He reminded me that things are progressing slowly because that’s what they want to be happening, and that I need to stay positive.  He’s right, but I just can’t stop feeling SAD.  Ugh, F these hormones. 😦