April 18, 2013

Marathon musings and prayers for peace

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The events of Monday at the Boston Marathon have prompted me to come out of my unintentional retirement…not because I think I have anything of value to share, but because I need a place to work through my feelings and emotions.  As a self-described Catholic, I struggle with events like this.  Events like this – and the doubts they raise in my mind – make me question my right to call myself a “good” Christian or a “strong” Christian, but I definitely am a true Christian.

I know for sure that evil does not come from God, nor does he “allow” it, but that evil exists in the world despite God’s best efforts.  At the same time though, I struggle with the sentiment that this is all God’s plan.  I do not believe that he “plans” for things like this to happen…for people to die or be maimed…but I do believe that he lifts up those that he can and sets them on a path of meaning.

I choose to believe that the three people who died were chosen by God, not because they didn’t “deserve” to live, but because he knew they would be better off with him.  I choose to believe that the first-responders and doctors were God in the flesh that Monday afternoon, saving as many people as they could.  I also choose to believe that whoever committed this heinous act was acting on behalf of the devil and will join him in hell upon their death.

I’m using the word “choose” very carefully here.  It has taken me all week (and the writing of this post) to wrap my head around how anyone could be so evil as to hurt children or people who were already at their physical (and mental) limits…and the only way I can make sense of it is to believe that the person who did this was truly the devil incarnate.

At this point all that is left to do is pray for peace in the city of Boston and for healing of those who were physically, mentally, or emotionally injured (both here and in Texas).  Please join us for “wear Boston” day tomorrow, and wear anything you have that shows “Boston,” one of our sports teams, or any of the Boston or BAA/marathon colors.  May God bless America and all those who strive to make the world a better place. 



  1. Jess Sutera said,

    Goosebumps friend, and tears in my eyes. Such a beautiful and FAITH filled post, your words couldn’t be more true — I agree in every.single.way. love you xoxo

  2. Jolene said,

    This brought tears to my eyes too, friend. I am so glad you wrote. I loved every word. Your perspective, your feelings on faith, everything. And I totally totally agree. XOXO

  3. iamstacey said,


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