August 16, 2012

Thought Vomit Thursday

Posted in Life at 11:14 am by lifebytheday

I’ve always loved these kinds of posts. 😉

  • Why is it that A says “dada” ALL. DAY. LONG. but only says “mamaaaaaa” when he’s whiny and wants something?  Literally, first thing out of his mouth in the morning – “dada”, every time he hears a car or sees a truck – “dada”…and so on.  S is loving it, but COME ON! 😛
  • Why is it that I hear about an opportunity for a full-time position at the same time as my freelance work is finally starting to trickle in again?  I have a call this afternoon to get details, but I would (not-so-secretly) hate for it to be an opportunity we couldn’t afford to turn down…
  • Why is it that I still assume I’ll be able to get pregnant like a normal person?  I’m five-weeks post-AF and actually convinced myself that I needed to take a pregnancy test!  I should know better…
  • Why is it that my body is fighting me every step of the way back to getting in shape?  It is no longer negotiable…I was just recently asked “so you’re working on #2, huh?”, COMPLETE WITH BELLY RUB!  Seriously?!?  I’m blaming it on my mini alcohol binge post-BFing, so no more bottles of wine on weekday nights, but I’m still annoyed that I can’t work out like I used to.  Whenever I try, I’m so sore the next day (or two!) that I can barely move or pick A up!  So now I’m trying to do less (end my workout before I feel completely “worked”) but more often.

I think that’s it for now.  Here’s a picture of my little punk:


And for fun, here he is last year in the same hat: 😉




  1. Stephanie said,

    What a difference a year makes! Chloe says mama when she’s whiney too, never dada. Part of me kind of likes it though b/c it makes me feel like she wants/needs me when she is upset about something and that I can make it better (definitely not always the case though). 🙂

  2. Ashley said,

    He is precious!

  3. jobo said,

    Love these posts too. Your little punk is the cutest!! Good luck w the wrk stuff, friend, either way it works out 🙂 as for working out, you are looking great friend, try not to be too hard on yourself ok?? Can’t believe someone did the belly rub!! Ruddddde!!’

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