August 15, 2012

Book review – Bringing up Bébé

Posted in Books, Parenting at 2:33 pm by lifebytheday

I finally got around to reading Bringing up Bébé (I recently decided that I didn’t have much of an excuse to still be reading the crap that I used to read to “relax” while working/pregnant/etc.) and was extremely gratified to realize that I’m somewhere in the middle of the French and American contingency.  My goal in raising my kid(s) is like the French cadre – strict limits about certain things with a lot of freedom in between.

I believe strongly in independent play, manners, and helping your children become good eaters (more French than American per the author).  However, I’m a proud breastfeeder, and am also completely guilty of narrating A’s actions and praising their results (all good things I think, albeit more American).

I think the author does a good job raising questions and topics for discussion without making many judgments of her own.  And as anyone already parenting knows, all your great ideas and good intentions go out the window once you’re dealing with a real person and their personality. 😉

I still think that it is a good idea to have goals though.  A lot of the things I had already been doing (or trying to do), but the book made me realize how much I still rely on things like snacks and A’s pacifier to prevent shrieking and meltdowns while in public.  So that’s my new goal – help A try to get more words so he can express himself without screaming, and not just shove food into his mouth to shut him up. 😉  If you hear a toddler yelling from across the store or restaurant, think of me and wish us luck, okay?

Also, will all you readers out there send me some book recommendations?  Any parenting books that you’ve found particularly helpful or other new fiction/non-fiction that I should read.  Thanks!


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