May 19, 2011

37 week update

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After all of the drama of the past few weeks, I figured I owed you guys a plain old weekly update!

How am I feeling?  Physically, better after the amnio – I had been having a lot of back pain and stretching pain in my sides, and was starting to get really swollen ankles and calves, but all of that has been better over the past week or so.  (During my amnio, the doctor’s kept asking if I had been uncomfortable, and I was like “well yeah, but everyone says that you’re miserable at the end of your pregnancy…how was I supposed to know??”  And they told me that I had probably been as uncomfortable as someone 42-weeks pregnant or pregnant with twins.  Geesh!)  I’m starting to get some mild back pain again, so I know the fluid is starting to build up again, but hopefully we can get through two more weeks of relative comfort. 

Mentally?  Well, you know.  I’m feeling much better today, and am focusing on the few things that I learned yesterday to try and give myself a picture to hold onto for the next few weeks.

Physical changes (just want to put a stake in the ground as this will probably be one of my last official updates!):
– My stomach has definitely dropped over the past week or so.  I keep asking S if I’ve gotten smaller and he’s like “umm….NO”  lol…but between having the fluid removed and dropping, I feel much more “compact”
– I also officially have STRETCH MARKS (*gasp!*)…not on my stomach (oh no, I could always cover those with a one piece bathing suit), but on my hips and upper thighs!  Yucko!!  They’re not too bad yet (S tells me I’m beautiful and pretends he can’t even see them 😉 )…but I guess I’m officially a mother now, right?
– My boobs are starting to hurt again, so I hope that means they’re getting ready to do their job!

Weight gain?  +26 (although I had been up to +34 pre-amnio…lost 8 lbs in the 36 hours following the procedure and have held steady for the past week)

Other updates:
– I finally packed our hospital bag (!), and I also repacked baby boy’s bag.  The only things he’ll be allowed to wear in the NICU are hats and socks/booties, so the bag is now full of blankets, and every hat and sock we own…and yes, I bought a few more cute hats first thing this morning. 😉

Upcoming milestones – Induction (and meeting this baby!) on June 1st or 2nd!!

Photo(s) to come…promise!


April 13, 2011

It’s official…

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I’m starting to look a bit disfigured.  😉

Seriously though, I’ve been carrying this baby low from the beginning, and it seems like whenever I have a growth spurt, the bottom gets big first and then the top rounds out…last week was definitely a large and low phase, and this week I’m just BIG.  I think the way I’ve been carrying is why I’ve been having trouble bending over/shaving/putting on socks/shoes – because I know plenty of people who can do those things right to the very end – but I end up in serious pain when I attempt to bend over. 

It has gotten so bad lately that I am even having trouble sitting on the toilet to go to the bathroom!  TMI, I know, but I almost have to straddle the toilet to be able to pee now.  Seriously…where am I supposed to put the belly, and what happens when I “drop”??  Yes friends, the future does not look pretty.  😉

And here’s our 32week update:

How am I feeling?  Surprisingly good!  Legs are still about the same, but nothing new to report…which is nice. 🙂  I’ve been having a few crampy twinges low and to the right, but I think it’s just more growing and stretching pains.

Weight gain?  +24 (the same as I weighed at the dr’s office last week)

Cravings/aversions – For the past several weeks, I have needed to have a corn muffin and a tea/iced tea from DD for breakfast EVERY morning.  Even if we have breakfast food in the house…  I usually have a yogurt smoothie while I’m getting ready and then get breakfast #2 on my way to work.  And even better than corn muffins?  ICE CREAM!  Our local, home-made, ice cream stand opened a week and a half ago, and we’ve already been there three times, lol!

Movement – The baby has gotten even more active and wiggly lately and can now reach a few places that I REALLY wish they couldn’t!  Sternum, rib, bladder…and two places very deep and low that make me feel pretty violated, lol…especially when I’m in public or talking to somebody at the time! 😉

Other updates:

  • I bought my first nursing gear this weekend!  Took a trip to Tar.get and got two nursing bras and two tanks.  Can I tell you how weird it was to try on a tank top with holes for your boobs? ;-P
  • I think I jinxed S and I with my last few “my husband is awesome” posts.  We ended up in another stalemate last night re: daycare and me going back to work.  Can’t go into too much detail here, but ugh…we need a mediator for this one.  We have big plans to work through things tonight, so wish us luck!
  • I just started working on our birth preferences doc, and I’m finding it really tricky to find the right tone (balancing firmness with respect)…suggestions welcome!

Upcoming milestones:

  • My baby shower!  It’s still more than 2 weeks away, but I’m so excited to celebrate with friends and family and be “allowed” to start buying and washing baby clothes! 🙂

And a photo, per request!

32 weeks (actually 31w5d here, on my way to exercise class) 😉

March 30, 2011

30 week update (and some randoms)!

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Sorry I fell off the radar again!  I suffered through another cold last week and didn’t have energy for any non-essential activities. 😉 

But I’m back, and I have to say, it feels AMAZING to have finally reached 30 weeks – almost more momentous than the third trimester!  After this week, we’re down to a single digit countdown, which makes me think that I should probably start dealing with some of the important things (maternity leave, deciding on a cord blood company, etc.). 

For some reason, I was really into reading and research at the beginning of the second trimester and then I stopped after freaking myself out about the OB conspiracy theory.  I need to find a happy medium between researching my options and going with the flow…

So here’s our 30-week update!

How am I feeling?  SORE.  My right leg (the first one that started hurting) now hurts ALL of the time – the muscle feels like it has been pulled and my skin hurts to the touch (clothes, sheets, etc.).  And I just had my first leg cramp that woke me up from a sound sleep…it happened on Sunday night and my left calf still hurts today.  So between my two legs, I’m literally limping around like a cripple! 

Weight gain? +20!!

Cravings/aversions?  I’m in a not-liking-dinner phase again…nothing sounds good and I only feel like a few bites of whatever we end up making.  Which leaves plenty of room for dessert 😉 but means that I’ve been trying to eat better/bigger lunches to make up for it.

Movement?  This child’s new favorite position is sideways, tush firmly planted against my right side 😛 …although s/he has also finally grown enough that his/her legs can reach my ribs!

Other updates:

I finally bit the bullet and had a conversation with my boss on Friday about shifting to half days (1/2 day out traveling and 1/2 day working from home) and it was a complete non-issue, which was quite a surprise.  The way my job works, I just have to get through the end of April and then I can work from home the majority of the time.  So hopefully I can start gradually down-shifting and still maintain some semblance of productivity.

I nearly have S convinced to squeeze in a quick bedroom re-do before the baby comes.  We need to pull down the old (horsehair and plaster) walls, re-insulate, drywall and paint.  Since the nursery is good shape, we have time, except for the fact that S’s one full-time employee is leaving on Friday to have shoulder surgery, and won’t be back for 8 weeks.  Get that?  10 weeks – 8 weeks = too close for comfort!!  So right now we’re trying to figure out how crazy work will get for S, and whether it might be worth (gasp!) hiring someone to do it, instead of doing it ourselves.  I would love to be able to bring our baby home to a brand-new room, but we’ll see.

Upcoming/milestones?  Our childbirth class is a week from Saturday and I’m really excited to learn some new things, meet some other local pregnant folks, and take a tour of the hospital wing!

March 16, 2011

Random updates, 28 weeks, and photos!

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  • Last Wednesday officially marked the beginning of the third trimester – YAY! – which was exciting, but not all that momentous until this morning when S said “do you realize that you’ve been pregnant for half a year?”  CRAZY.  We are so anxious to meet our baby that it feels like June 9th will NEVER COME, but it’s scary to think how fast the past six months have gone by. 
  • At a company meeting last Thursday/Friday, my awkward but well-intentioned boss commented on how big I already was and how he didn’t know how I was going to make it to June.  LOL!  Hopefully that means that he’ll be sympathetic when I discuss a modified work-from-home schedule with him next week.
  • My body has decided that drastic action is needed in order to avoid turning my Irish baby into an Italian.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m in St. Patrick’s Day mode, but for the past two weeks I have been CRAVING corned beef and cabbage dinners…which S has been only too happy to oblige.  We’ve had a full Irish dinner the past two Sunday nights and have another one planned for Thursday night.  Yumm!
  • At my appointment today, my OB (the last one I had yet to meet…and yes, I liked her) gave me some hope re: my legs, saying that just because they’ve been hurting for three months, doesn’t mean that it will continue through the end of the pregnancy.  Obviously, there’s no knowing for sure, but there’s always a chance that the baby will shift enough that the nerve pain will ease.  Fingers crossed!
  • And here’s a quick 28 week update:
    • Weight gain? +16 lbs
    • Cravings? Corned beef and cabbage!
    • Movement? The baby has gotten much stronger and has started moving into the strangest positions…lying horizontally across my belly, standing straight up and down, and rolling his/her entire body onto my right side.  I keep telling him/her (who coincidentally has been head down throughout my entire pregnancy, until now!) not to get stuck in any of these crazy positions!
    • Milestones?  Third trimester!
  • And here are some photos!

24 weeks


Me and my 2nd cousin at her baby shower (~28 weeks)

March 5, 2011

Rough week (and 26 week update)

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I have come to realize how ingrained it is to keep negativity and sadness inside of me…not healthy, I know…but as my grandmother always used to say “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  Hence my silence for the past week. 

Monday I woke up just not feeling right – extra sore and just bone tired (you know the tired you feel with the flu?  Like that.)  Since we were due for an icy rain storm later that morning, I worked from home and managed to squeeze in two naps.  Tuesday was my first day trying out my support band, but I again spent the day sore and tired.  Wednesday was more of the same…I ended up finishing up work a little early and came home for a nap, followed by a meltdown.

The pain in my legs is really starting to get to me mentally, and I spent the first part of this week fighting off feelings of depression.  It’s not that each individual little pain is that bad, but add them all together and keep the pain building for 3+ months and it starts to feel like torture.  This is going to sound really dramatic, but I feel like I finally understand people with chronic pain (including my grandmother who committed suicide from a nerve disease).  And obviously, I’m not in that category, either physically or mentally, but everything came to a head this week and I just felt WORN OUT. 

I’m sure that it’s just because we’re bumping up against the third trimester – only five more days until it’s official!  But add to that the never ending stress about work and feeling like I’m not able to keep up, and my father’s disappointing reaction to us telling him we wanted to name the baby (middle name) after him if it was a boy, and I was fit to be tied. 

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, my father is Jewish (although I was raised Catholic after my mother, and the maternal tradition in both religions) and apparently, it’s taboo to name a baby after someone living.  I knew that you were supposed to name Jewish babies after the most recent relative who had died, but I never knew the converse.  So here S and I are thinking that we’re doing something really nice to honor my dad and show him how much he means to both of us, and my father was struggling with being flattered, and simultaneously trying not to feel like we were cursing him. 

After a whole lot of awkwardness, we just dropped the subject, but there’s still this giant elephant in the room.  I don’t want to have cursed my dad just by thinking it, and I’m equally sad that our baby boy won’t get to have his Zadie (Yiddish for Grandfather and my dad’s request)’s name.  The middle name was the only thing S and I had agreed on for a boy, and now, to be perfectly honest, I’m kind of hoping for a girl just because we have a name that we’ve agreed on and everybody loves!

In fact, for the past few weeks, I’ve started to have a few more inklings that it might be a girl…just little feelings here and there, that culminated in outgrowing my second pair of maternity pants (could barely get them up over my @$$) and the realization that I’m growing more than just a belly! 😉

So anyways, moving on to a quick 26-week update:

How am I feeling?  Sore, tired, and overwhelmed.  Oh, and the hole from my belly button ring is red and inflamed.  I’m sure it’s just another growth spurt – especially since I started to feel a bit better Thursday/Friday – and as long as the little one keeps growing healthy and strong, it’s all worth it.

Weight gain?  +14 (+2 lbs since last week)

Cravings?  Still nothing weird, but I didn’t do a very good job cutting out salt or sugar.  I cut back on salt – a bit – but when I tried to throw out the leftover Valentine’s day candy and couldn’t bring myself to put it in the trash, I realized that I’m in a little more trouble than I thought. 😛

Movement?  This past week the baby has started really going to town, kicking all of its arms and legs simultaneously and flipping around.  S managed to catch one of their wiggly fits and couldn’t believe it, lol!

I missed the 26-wk photo op, sorry!  I spent Wednesday night red and puffy from crying and didn’t really want to document it. 😉

February 17, 2011

24 week update

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How am I feeling?  Not feeling well from my cold, but no new pregnancy symptoms.  And I’m feeling really hopeful that the chiropractor is going to help with my leg pain…it hasn’t gone away, but she showed me a few tricks that are definitely helping to lessen it a bit.

Oh, and I think I figured out what happened to my belly button!  I mentioned it to my prenatal exercise instructor and she was like “did you have a belly button ring?”  Umm, yes…(and even though I took it out 5 years ago when we started trying)…I guess the scar tissue can sometimes end up causing pain like I had!  Only for the lucky few ;-)…but at least I know now!

Weight gain?  +10 lbs (the most recent 5 lbs of which was 100% in week 23, no joke!  I’m the same weight today as I was at 23 weeks)

Cravings/aversions?  None at the moment!

Milestones?  All baby-movement related.  We’ve gone beyond flutters and bumps to real kicks and rolls…SO cool!

Best moment of the week?  Starting to be able to tell where all the different baby parts are!  There are times now when one side of my belly is bigger and super hard and you can tell that the baby has basically rolled its whole body onto that side!  I’m having so much fun experiencing all of the movement…and definitely appreciating every little kick and wiggle.  That’s one of the things I didn’t know if I’d ever get to experience, and I’m not taking any second of it for granted.

Photo to come…we finally got our good camera to work, but now can’t find the cable to download the pics.  Good thing we have a few more months to get our act together, huh? 😉

February 2, 2011

22 week update

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First of all, thank you so much for the great feedback regarding my OB freakout.  I am going to wait and see what happens at my next appointment and then will make a decision for us moving forward.  I’m planning to do a lot more reading and research about doulas, natural childbirth, and advocating for yourself…but I feel better that S and I will be able to work together to handle whatever comes our way.

I had a day full of appointments yesterday – first with my acupuncturist/herbalist and then a shiatsu massage (from his wife).  Some of you may recall that I broke up with my acupuncturist over a year ago…well, when my leg got bad I decided to get back in touch with their office, in the hopes that something would help.  (Some of you mentioned a chiropractor, but I was cautioned against doing that since pregnant muscles are extra pliable and may be stretched too far.)  Despite a great few hours of being pampered (the benefits of snow days and “working” from home), my numb leg came back pretty soon afterwards.  I’m still taking B12, under their guidance, and hoping that might make a difference.  After that, I think I’ll just have to accept the fact that these are the cards I was dealt.  In the grand scheme of things, I still got away easy. 😉

Here’s a quick 22 week update:

How am I feeling?  Getting tired, and uncomfortable when I eat too much again, and starting to get heartburn.  Oh and don’t forget my numb/burning legs.  But loving the continued belly growth!

Weight gain?  +5 lbs (as soon as I asked the doctor about my weight I started gaining…story of my life 😉 )

Cravings?  None right now, still trying to cut back on the sugar and add in more fruits and vegetables.

Milestones?  Feeling the baby move from the outside, and having S feel it for the first time!

January 19, 2011

20 week update

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Holy moly, I can’t believe that we’re halfway through this pregnancy!  I can’t wait to meet our baby and it feels like it’s going to take FOREVER for him/her to get here, but if the next 20 weeks go by as fast as the first, we’ll be there before we know it.  I wish we had a few more major holidays to distract us, but work is going to pick up soon, so hopefully that will keep me busy!

How am I feeling?  Still the same – everything is great, except for my numb leg pain.  I’m definitely going to push the doctor on it when I see her (the second of the OBs I’ll be meeting) this week…maybe it is just a vitamin deficiency, or something else that’s treatable.

Total weight gain?  +2 (which my 20-yr old brother thinks is totally shocking considering the size of my belly, lol!).  I’m loving the fact that my love handles have all moved to my belly, but I’m actually starting to wonder, shouldn’t I have gained more by now??  If you start counting from my lowest point (assuming that the 8 lbs I lost was all IVF-bloat), then I’ve gained 10.  Is that better? 

Cravings/aversions?  SUGAR.  I have been slowly eating my way through all of the candy we got for Christmas and it has GOT TO STOP.  I love the fact that the baby moves around like crazy after a sugary snack, but I’m getting worried that I’m going to end up with a spastic child if I keep this up.  Plus, I’m TERRIFIED of getting gestational diabetes.  Between diabetes on both sides of my family and my PCOS, I know that it is a distinct possibility and I really want to do what I can to avoid it.  I figure that this week is the perfect time to really work on changing my diet.  Apparently the baby starts swallowing amniotic fluid this week – to practice swallowing – and they can actually taste (and get a taste for!) whatever I’ve been eating!  So I’m going to try to stock up on fruit and eat that when I have a sugar craving…wish me luck. 😉

Milestones?  Halfway!!  And my first prenatal exercise class on Monday night.  I was completely shocked to actually be sore after class and the next day, so I’m really glad that I’m doing it.  And I think I might have found two girls that I could end up being friends with, which would be an added bonus!

Updated belly parade to come soon…

January 7, 2011

18 week update

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I was actually 18 weeks on Wednesday, but I was too superstitious not to post my “superstitions” post, and then yesterday passed in a blur, so here we are today. 😉

How am I feeling?  Good.  I’m finally getting more hungry – S loves that he has an excuse to eat every 2-3 hours with me, lol!  But this sciatica thing is killing me.  It’s happening more and more, and acts up within an hour of walking/standing, even sitting – by the time I finish showering and drying my hair, my right leg is completely numb.  The only thing that makes it better is full-on legs-up reclining, and I’m getting really nervous about what’s going to happen when I have to go back out walking/traveling every day.  I have another week left of working from home, and I’m hoping that it gets better and not worse.  When I saw the dr before Christmas, he said that it should ease up once my uterus moves up and out of my pelvis, but I’ve definitely popped over the past two weeks and it hasn’t gotten any better.  For the time being, I’m just trying to rest as much as possible and not get too worried about it.

Weight gain?  +1  or so (although the dr’s office is always a pound or two higher than my scale).  You would never know that I have only gained a pound by the size of my belly though…looks like I swallowed a basketball!  So far so good in terms of the backside…

Movement?  It’s still hit or miss most days, but this baby takes after his/her mama and LOVES the sugar.  Whenever I have a sugary snack, s/he starts bopping around!  I had an awesome experience the other night…Killian (our cat) decided to hang out on my belly for a while while we were watching tv, and I actually felt the baby in two places at the same time!  I think s/he loved the warmth.

Cravings/aversions?  Besides sugar, not much…I’m just getting more hungry, and not as full when I eat (thank goodness!).

Milestones?  I finally caved and bought a pregnancy pillow over the weekend, and I think I’ve finally figured out the right way to position it.  My hips and back felt better this morning than they have in a while.

Upcoming…  Our level II ultrasound is scheduled for Monday, and I’m super excited to see the little one again, and hopefully even feel some of the movement while watching what s/he is doing!  With the appointment around the corner though, the whether-or-not-to-find-out-the-gender discussion has gotten more intense.  S keeps trying to make all of these deals…”if x, then we find out”…  My favorite was the “if your belly button goes flat by the time of the appointment, then we find out.”  LOL!  I think I’m safe, but barely…I’m not going to have an innie for very much longer!

December 22, 2010

16 week update, and a revelation

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How am I feeling?  Finally not feeling sick any more, but now dealing with a weird numb/tingly leg thing that started over the weekend.  My friend was visiting from NYC and we did a LOT of shopping…which probably should not have been done in my high-heeled boots. 😛  Interested to see what the doctor will say when I see him tomorrow…I really hope this isn’t some sciatica thing that is starting NOW.

Weight gain?  0 lbs (up another 2 lbs, and back to my IVF/pre-pregnancy weight)

Cravings/aversions?  I just had my first yogurt in 10 weeks – yay! – and I’ve also been able to stomach more vegetables and meat.  But I still want pasta and carbs like whoa. 🙂

Milestones?  Really starting to show and being able to tell/talk about our pregnancy.  I still have a hard time believing that we’ll be bringing a baby home in 5(!)+ months, but it’s definitely starting to feel more real.

Looking forward to…  Feeling the baby move SOON!  I had a few nights last week where I thought I felt it, but nothing definitive, and nothing since then.  I’m also really looking forward to heading to Ireland (in FOUR DAYS!) to see S’s friends and family…and our god-daughter who just turned 3!!

In other news, I had an eye-opening experience earlier today.  I’ve been working from home today and was catching up on some DVR while wrapping up my work project…and ended up watching an episode of Guiliana and Bill.  For those who don’t know, Guiliana DePandi (of E!) and Bill Rancic (of the Apprentice) have their own reality show – which I am obsessed with – especially since they are currently documenting their struggles with IVF and infertility.  On this particular episode, Guiliana had complications after her egg retrieval (exactly what happened to me post cycle #2) and then got a devastating negative.  This was going to be their last time, after suffering a miscarriage from their first cycle, and I was really rooting for them.  

It was so hard for me to watch their pain, and all of the thoughts and emotions from our failed cycles came rushing back.  For a moment, I was right there with her…and completely forgot that I was pregnant!  I actually had to shake myself back into reality and apologize to my baby for forgetting about him/her.  😉  It’s just still so much easier for me to identify with the pain and sadness, than it is to feel part of the “smug pregnants” (to mis-quote Bridget Jones).  I don’t think I’ll ever forget what we went through…and I’m actually glad about that.  I know that we will always appreciate our child that much more for how hard we worked to get him/her, and I also think that it will make me more sensitive to others.  I just can’t wait for this to stop feeling so surreal!

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