January 7, 2010

Give thanks

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(Sorry in advance folks, today’s post is more religion-heavy than normal. ;-))

This morning on my way to work (late!), I got stuck behind two slow-pokes on the sidewalk.  As I moved out to go around them, grumbling the whole way, I heard the woman say “oh yeah, every morning that I wake up, I give thanks.”  Unfortunately, that’s all that I heard, but man, was that a wake up call.  As I was walking away, I almost felt like God had come down from heaven and given me a slap in the face.  Lately I’ve been so lost in my own world (not loving work, still not pregnant, etc.) that I forget to be thankful for all of the things that I DO have.  So, I’m adding a resolution.  Every day I’m going to try to think of (AND post) at least one thing that I’m thankful for.  And if I don’t, I expect you guys to call me on it!  😉

Today, I am thankful:

  • For a fantastic night last night with S – nothing fancy, just a good dinner, cuddling on the couch watching a movie, cleaning up the kitchen together, and early bed. 😉
  • For my new H.unter fleece socks I got for Christmas – it has finally warmed up to like 33 here in Boston and I loved splashing through puddles on the way back from lunch, while still being warm and toasty in my rain boots
  • For the compliments I’ve received on the random outfit I pulled together this morning (a green sweater and cream and green print skirt), even though the first words out of S’s mouth this morning was “Is it St. Patrick’s Day?” LOL!

Finally, I just wanted to share something that I came across earlier this week.  I subscribe to an email list from “Our Daily Bread,” a Christian daily devotional with a thought for the day, usually accompanied by a bible reference and prayer.  I don’t always keep up with the emails, but some days they seem to be speaking directly to me, like the message posted on January 2nd.

“The highway that winds around the southern shore of Lake Michigan can be treacherous in the winter. One weekend as we were driving back to Grand Rapids from Chicago, a buildup of snow and ice slowed traffic, caused numerous accidents, and almost doubled our drive time. We were relieved as we eased off the expressway onto our final road. It was then that my husband said out loud, ‘Thanks, Lord. I think I can take it from here.’

Just as he finished saying the words, our car spun around 180 degrees. As we came to a stop, hearts pounding, we could just imagine God saying: ‘Are you sure?’ “

Why do we sometimes try to go it alone in life when at every moment we have access to God? He said: “I am with you and will keep you wherever you go” (Gen. 28:15). And He assures us: “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Heb. 13:5).

I’m going to print and post this passage, to read on those days when I need some extra help, but also on the days when I feel like everything is going well.  I need to remember to appreciate what I have, thank God for it, and know that he is always with me.  I’m sure everyone knows the poem “Footprints,” right?  I just want to make sure that once we get pregnant (and are delivered of a healthy baby), I don’t forget how far God walked with me in his hands.