March 23, 2012

Breastfeeding, redux

Posted in Parenting tagged at 11:45 am by lifebytheday

Now that A officially has teeth, I’m noticing that breastfeeding has become much less comfortable.

Understatement of the century.

So now I’m starting to seriously consider whether I might start weaning him sooner rather than later…

I had hoped to get to a year and switch straight to milk, but I’m pretty certain that I’m going to want to make some changes when his top teeth come in.  At the point where he can actually bite down, I think I’m going to choose my nipple over his breastfeeding.  I’m just hoping they’re a few months away. 😉

I’m also headed away next weekend – my first time away from A overnight, and for two nights no less!  I’m going to NYC to see my best friend from college and celebrate her 30th birthday, and I’m just not really in the mood to pump every three hours while I’m there.

A is already using some formula – when I lost my milk after my gall bladder surgery, I never got enough back that I could pump for his cereal or for the occasional times we went out, so he’s been getting formula and does pretty well with it.  If he’s not hungry, he tends to not really be interested, and we had an issue with excema with one of the brands, but in general, I know that he can get what he needs with formula.

Now I just have to decide whether pushing through these next two months is more for his benefit or for me just to be able to say that I did it for a year.  I truly feel like he’s getting a large portion of his nutrition through solids now – my boy can EAT! – and that the BM/formula is more of a top off.  With the exception of the early morning, I guess.

So maybe I’ll wean him down to morning and evening BF and give him formula with his meals?  Thinking out loud here…  Any thoughts?



  1. nobabyruth said,

    Sofi still doesn’t have any teeth so I can’t really comment on that, BUT her not having teeth doesn’t mean she can’t bite! She’s starting biting down every now and again and even those gums hurt! I’m hopefull she’ll learn not to if I am consistent enough with pulling her off… a pipe dream?

    I’d look into adding some real milk into A’s diet. I’ve been reading that the 1 year mark is a bit arbitrary and it’s not like his body has an internal calendar… maybe around 11 months??

  2. Debbie said,

    My doctor told me that I could start transitioning to whole milk at about 10 1/2 months. My daughter had tolerated cheese, ice cream, and yogurt without issue, so I started mixing it at that time. I did this with all three of my kids, and by one year, they were formula free. I nursed my youngest for about 9 months. I was a COW, and overproduced. So, I just mixed my frozen BM w a little formula and then cow’s milk. I probable used about 4 containers of formula total. I have nothing personally against formula, but BF was working for us until I got mastitis for a second time. I decided enough was enough!

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