March 12, 2012

Jeans and genetics

Posted in Parenting at 10:06 am by lifebytheday

A has changed SO much in the past what, two weeks since I’ve posted?

He can now go from his belly to sitting, which is his new favorite thing to do when he’s supposed to be lying down going to sleep.  ;-P  Naptime now starts with 30-45 minutes of playtime in his crib (which we need to move down to the lowest setting before he figures out how to stand up!) before he actually falls asleep.  Any time I think he has finally fallen asleep and check his monitor, he’s there looking at me (and the light on his monitor), just playing with his teddy bear.

He also has been doing two things that freak me out because they are EXACTLY what I used to do when I was a baby.  The first is probably pretty common to babies in general, but A is a FREAK for specks of dirt and dust on the floor.  Which with a dog and a cat is a pretty frequent occurrence!  He’ll be crawling around, holding or heading towards a toy, and will stop dead in his tracks to pick up and play with a piece of dirt.  Even just a mark on the floor is fascinating.  😉  We finally got a gate to put across his playroom area…half to keep him in and half to keep the dog (and the dirt) out!  Apparently I used to be the same way – but instead of eating the dirt like my little guy, would pick it up and hand it to my mother.  Maybe that’s a gender difference, lol!

Another thing that he has started is playing with and twirling the hair on the back of his head while he’s falling asleep.  He’ll be lying on his belly with his pacifier in his mouth, his teddy blanket (those ones with the teddy head on top of a small blanket) in one arm right up against his face, and the other hand playing with his hair.  The back of his head is all crazy and fuzzy because he’s playing with it so much!  I used to sleep with one thumb in my mouth and the other hand twirling my hair.  My parents actually had to stop the car on multiple occasions because I would have my hair twirled so tightly around my finger that it would start to go numb, lol!

It’s just CRAZY to me that he is starting to have some of the same mannerisms, even despite being a boy (and not looking at all like me, lol)!  The nature vs. nurture debate has always fascinated me, even more so after we started considering adoption and the challenges I had in connecting to A initially.  I love collecting these data points 😉 and starting to imagine what A is going to be like as a “real person.”

Oh, and the jean reference?  Trying to promote some accountability considering the fact that my jeans still, 9 months later, do not fit!  Two weeks ago I worked out for 7 days straight, and then last week I think it was only twice.  My goal is 10 pounds and one pant size by the time A is a year old.  Wish me luck!

Update – can’t believe I forgot to mention…A finally has teeth!  The two bottom ones have just poked through, one yesterday and one today, so hopefully our sleep is on the upswing again. 😉



  1. JessSutera said,

    For the record – I think you look great, everytime I see you, you look radiant – and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because of the little man in your life now. He is such a cutie pie, and SO GOOD to his mama (most of the time anyway, right? hehe).

    I LOVE how similar some of his tendencies are to you as a child – why am I not surprised about the dirt thing LOL

  2. jobo said,

    I agree, you look great, my friend. Gorgeous, happy, and fit! Don’t forget that you did have a c-section AND a surgery recently, so you’ve had more to come back from than some. I love how similar your little boy is to you…and he does too look like you!

  3. my infertile confessions said,

    That is so funny about the dirt!! I too had/have issues with flecks of dirt, but mostly in the bath tub. I’m still ocd about the bathroom and baths and don’t really take them. If I saw a fleck in the water I would make my mom get it out! LOL!

    One of my twins is exactly like me and the other like DH. No imbetween. We each try to find SOMETHING from us in each, but can’t. Its like ones his and ones mine… so weird!

    I lost all the baby weight excep the last 10 to 12 lbs by 3 months and then did weight watchers online for the last of it. I lost about 1 lb/wk. I did it bc its the ONLY diet for nursing moms! Easiest thing I’ve ever done!

    I lost all the baby weight except the last 10 to 15 lbs by 3 months and the did

  4. nobabyruth said,

    I don’t think the dirt thing is a gender difference. Sofia loves going after every little speck on the floor and then puts each one in her mouth if I’m not careful. Yesterday I was sititng on the floor with her as she went after a rogue cheerio. Unfortunately right next to it she found a dirt-fuzz thing and decided that was even more appetizing than the cheerio!

    I think it’s so sweet to see the similarities between ourselves and our babies. Both nature and nurture have big roles to play!

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