February 29, 2012

A is 9 months old!

Posted in Parenting tagged at 12:26 pm by lifebytheday

I’m not sure why 8 months freaked me out more than 9…maybe I have a thing about even numbers…but I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that he will be walking and talking too very soon!  We’re not just responsible for feeding and loving him, but soon will actually need to teach him and guide him and RAISE him!  So much more important (and scarier) than just having to keep him alive.

Not much new since my last update, except that he now can say hi!  Especially to the animals and the fish…hi, hi, hi!  It actually sounds more like heyy, lol…so cute.  He tried lentils this week…loved them…and also went swimming for the first time!  He was stone faced for almost the entire hour, but really seemed to like it, just taking it all in.  He was like, wow, this is one long bath time! 😉

Updates from the pedi:

  • Weight – 20 lb 13 oz (56%)
  • Length – 28.5 in (60%)
  • And head…98%!  Thanks to his daddy 😉

My little tank 🙂



  1. Your son is too cute! He looks like what I think my son will look like at that age. Red hair and at 4 months 90% percentile for head circumference, also from his daddy. Thanks for sharing glad I found your blog!

  2. Meghan said,

    “So much more important (and scarier) than just having to keep him alive.” Haha… so true! Adorable little man. 🙂

  3. Kari said,

    Happy nine months A!! You’re adorable!!

  4. jobo said,

    Little tank! that is so cute 😉 (and I was going to write, does S have a big head, I never noticed…and then realized how incredibly TWSS that was!!! But I guess I just said it…hehe).

    • lifebytheday said,

      LOL!!!! Just laughed so hard…and yes, he does… 😉

  5. JessSutera said,

    LOVE!! I can’t believe he’s saying “hi” now!! It feels like he’s growing so fast and I’m not even his mom! LOL!

  6. nobabyruth said,

    I totally hear you on the pressure of actually raising a PERSON instead of caring for a baby! So much harder!

    Your litle guy is so cute. I LOVE the red hair!!

  7. Wifey said,

    Goodness he is cute. I love that smile!

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