July 18, 2011

Home from the hospital

Posted in Baby, Life at 7:28 pm by lifebytheday

I can’t believe that it has been over a month since I posted…sorry friends!  I don’t want anyone to think that my blog or our blog community is any less important to me now that I have a child, and I likewise don’t want to fall back on the “I’m busy” excuse (although you have no idea how true that is!).  In reality, I have so much to write about that every time I have a half an hour to sit down in front of my computer, I don’t know where to begin!

So, I’m just going to have to start from the beginning…

A’s last few days in the hospital went exactly as planned, and we brought him home on Sunday, June 12th – our seven year wedding anniversary! 

Our little boy all wrapped up and ready to go home!

It wasn’t exactly the romantic occasion that it has been in the past, but it was still one of the best days of our lives.  Honestly though, if I had had to spend one more night in the hospital, they might have needed to check ME in as a patient!

The first night was comical in retrospect…we thought we were so prepared, but we didn’t even have the diaper pail put together!  We woke up in the morning to a pile of dirty diapers on the corner of the changing table, a full load of dirty blankets and burp cloths, and no real idea of who got up with the baby when! 😛

The next few weeks were a blur of breastfeeding (more on that later) and doctor’s appointments and just figuring out how to squeeze in a shower once a day! 

More tomorrow….



  1. jobo said,

    Well, seeing you today and finally meeting Aidan…you ARE now a pro. And Aidan is a beautiful, healthy, baby boy. I was bragging about how cute he was to coworkers today 😉

  2. So great to hear from you!! I’ve been thinking about you, A, and S and hoping all was well. So glad to hear it is. He’s just too precious!!

  3. my infertile confessions said,

    I’m glad all is going well! I’m sure its very difficult in the begining and no need to appologize for not posting! Your son is adorable! Congrats and so happy he’s home with u!

  4. iamstacey said,

    He’s just so adorable! I’m so glad you all are home and happy and healthy! Been thinking of you all and hoping all is ok.

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