June 10, 2011

Baby update and hospital reflections

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Wow, where do I start?

I guess I will start with the good news…A’s surgery went beautifully and despite a few minor setbacks, he is doing AWESOME tolerating his feeds, and it’s looking likely that we’ll get to go home on Sunday…which is also our 7 year anniversary!!  We honestly can’t think of a better present than being home together as a family, and we’re just praying that things continue to go well enough that we can get OUT OF HERE.

It has been such a whirlwind that I almost can’t believe that he’ll be TWO WEEKS OLD tomorrow…and I’m really struggling to remember exactly what happened when.  I tried to write it down in timeline form, and I know that I’m forgetting some things…but for posterity, here goes:

  • Saturday 5/28 – A was born!
  • Sunday 5/29 – surgery @ 3pm, done around 7
  • Monday 5/30 – slept all day, woke up around 8, decreased ventilator support
  • Tuesday 5/31 – dozed most of the day, pressure trials w/ventilator, pooped! (expected 4-5 days after surgery and A did it in two!), woke up MAD at 8ish, ventilator removed
  • Wednesday 6/1 – started feeding in NJ tube (threaded from his nose through his stomach and intestines and past the repair), lost both IVs, took 2 ½ hrs to put a new one in; I was discharged from the hospital and moved into the “sleep suites” (i.e. a single dorm room)
  • Thursday 6/2 – up to half feeds, NJ tube accidentally pulled out (by a nurse who was handing him to me, HUGE disappointment)
  • Friday 6/3 – OG (oral-gastric) tube (to remove bile not being processed through bowels) to gravity, tried to insert picc line (central IV, to provide full nutrition vs. fluids) in NICU, veins too small 😉
  • Saturday 6/4 – discharged from NICU and moved to surgical recovery floor, IV team tried again to insert picc line, OG tube clamped, added lipids to IV; I was able to move in with him and had my first night of being in charge and feeling like a MOM! (would have been better if he wasn’t so hungry…)
  • Sunday 6/5 – continued tests of OG tube residuals (5 ccs at 7pm), vomited twice in afternoon/early evening, lost IV; Mommy’s first meltdown
  • Monday 6/6 – picc line and NG tube placed (under general anethesia), started continuous feeding at 1ml/hr, slept most of the afternoon and overnight
  • Tuesday 6/7 – increased to 2ml (then 3), first bottle!
  • Wednesday 6/8 – increased to 4ml (then 5), slept through the night
  • Thursday 6/9 – up to 10 ml/hr in morning (then 11, 12), changed dressing on picc line, hep B vaccine, car seat test overnight, much happier with a full belly
  • Friday 6/10 – up to 18 mls by the afternoon (30 ml bottle at noon)
  • Saturday 6/11 – will space out feedings to two hours (then three), then we’ll be able to start breastfeeding!
  • Sunday 6/12 – hopefully going HOME by the afternoon

So those are the bare bones facts, but they definitely don’t convey the full impact of the past two weeks.  I’m sure that not many people would admit to this, but I initially had a really hard time connecting with the baby.  I didn’t get to hold him after he was born because of the c-section, and for the first two days, I was in so much pain that it was all I could do to be wheeled over to his bedside…I couldn’t even stand up to see him in his crib, and only got to hold him once (later in the afternoon on the day he was born) in the first three days.  It wasn’t until I was well enough to stand up and pick him up on my own that I started to feel like I had a baby…and not until a few days later when I had learned what soothed him that I truly felt like a Mom.  Besides the worry of his surgery, the disconnectedness made for a very emotional few days, and S and I were both extremely relieved when I started to feel better, both physically and emotionally. 

Then between the setback of the NJ tube being pulled out, and their inability to place a central IV to give him IV nutrition, we started to get very discouraged.  He had been doing so well and it felt like a huge weight being added to our shoulders to have those few days of backwards progress.  And in addition to that, because the tube had been pulled out, he needed several additional procedures and needle sticks that just broke our hearts.  We knew that he needed the nutrition, but listening to him cry through every IV attempt was torture.  Luckily, by then I knew how to soothe him – and that he recognized my voice and my touch – so I just focused on doing what I could to make him feel better through each procedure.  Once we finally got the picc line placed on Monday, things definitely started looking up. 

Luckily, his feeds have been going great the whole time, and with each increase, he becomes a happier (and sleepier!) baby…amazing what a full tummy will do. 😉

And as a reward for getting through this long update, here are some new photos:

Content...look at that red hair!


This is how I found him after my shower yesterday...luckily he's still on the monitors 😉


And this is what I found when I took the blankets off his face...hi everybody! 😉


  1. JessSutera said,

    YA!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY that you guys will HOPEFULLY be home by this weekend. That makes this quasi-auntie VERY happy!! LOVE YOU! And PS. you are a mom through and through, you were so good to him, so comforting when I came to visit, despite how tired YOU were. You were great. A total natural.

  2. my infertile confessions said,

    Wow! What a whirlwind! I can’t imagine what its been like and can totally understand not feeling connected to him at first. It was probably partly hormonal on top of everything else going on! Don’t feel bad!

    Thank goodness everything is getting better and he is nice and healthy! Congratulations on your precious gift! He’s adorable 🙂

  3. jobo said,

    Wow. That was just stressful/tiring to read…thinking about you two have been going through. But you are hopefully through the worst of it and soon enough, you’ll be home, with your son, as a family, as it should be. He’s beautiful, friend, I’m so proud of both of you!! XOXO!

  4. Kari said,

    He is just toooooooooooooooo GORGEOUS!! I love, love, love the red hair!! (((HUGS))) to you for all that you have all been through. I can’t blame you at all for feeling disconnected. Everything you went through was so tiring and emotional. You weren’t able to have that immediate hold and connect quiet time. I’m so glad he’s doing so well and I hope things continue to go well and I’m hoping you’ll be headed home on Sunday.

  5. jenngator222 said,

    He’s so cute! Glad to hear you’ll plan to go home tomorrow. I can relate with the not feeling the connection thing. I had a laborous delivery (hours and hours of pushing) and was so exhausted that I felt like a zombie, and then we had all these breast feeding issues which made me spend most of my time with a pump instead of with my baby. It’s hard work being a mom!

  6. squashgirlPhD said,

    I can totally relate to where you are coming from regarding not feeling connected at first. I had a really hard time with that at first, I couldn’t stand up for the first week, couldn’t change her diaper, wash a bottle…nada. I could nurse her and that was it. I couldn’t even hold her standing up to soothe her. It was so discouraging. I do this part of it is the hormones and the stress of having a c-section.

    But, it gets so much better! I know you are a natural when it comes to being a mama and it will be so much better when you are home! I am so glad he is doing well despite some setbacks. I am so glad you are recovering too.

    You are doing a great job mama! Welcome home lil one! xo

  7. Wifey said,

    What a whirlwind but I am SO excited to hear that he is progressing so well…such exciting news! I hope that your 1st day home is uneventful and peaceful as a family. LOVE the pictures, he is adorable and so alert!!!! CONGRATS again!

  8. sienna said,

    LOVE these pics! i am soo happy for you guys that everything is going well. your first few days at home will be awesome :o) xoxo.

  9. Lauren said,

    He is GORGEOUS!!! Can’t wait to meet him xoxoxo

  10. Meagan said,

    I am WAY behind on my blog reading – but glad I finally got to catch up on your story — Praying that y’all are all safe and happy and home now! I TOTALLY get the non-connected thing at first. I felt it especially with Q b/c I wasn’t able to even see her until the next day after birth – and didn’t get to hold her for 2 days. Then for the next 7 weeks, I had to divide my time b/w home with R and hospital with Q. I always wonder if that’s why she was a little less cuddly with me at the beginning – but now that’s all changed!!! So dont’ worry – completely normal. Hope all is well!!!

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