May 26, 2011

My clingy puppy

Posted in Furbabies at 1:36 pm by lifebytheday

Bailey has been a bit overshadowed lately by all of the cat and baby drama, but a funny thing happened today that I just had to share.  I had an appointment to get my hair done this morning so I brought Bailey to hang out with S at his shop.  (For those of you who don’t know, S owns his own business, so when Bailey was a puppy and still not trained, she went to work with him full-time…and the hair salon I go to is right next door.)  I figured that she was probably sick of being stuck inside with me all of the time and could use a change of scenery.

So I’m sitting in the chair getting foils put in and all of a sudden Bailey is standing next to me!  It’s a beautiful day out here today so the doors to S’s shop and the salon were both open, and she just took it upon herself to walk next door!  I was mortified but all of the girls were like, “We don’t mind, Bailey likes visiting us!”  So I let her stay for the 15 minutes until S realized she wasn’t just asleep at his front door and came over to find her…and yes, I still think he’s going to be a great dad. 😉

So Bailey goes back with S and 10 minutes later (I’m now sitting under the heater in the back), in she walks again!  We walked her back over, but 5 minutes later she was back again!!  I finally gave up and just let her sleep at my feet for the rest of my appointment, but it was SO funny! 

Honestly, she has never been like that with me…since she got so used to being with S as a puppy, she’s always been more attached to him (unless she’s not feeling well or is in trouble and then she wants her mommy 😉 ).  I never took it personally, but Bailey is definitely S’s and Killian is mine.  But now that I think about it, the fact that she has to walk upstairs with me every time I go to the bathroom probably should have clued me in.  In fact, take a look at where she is right now…

My "working" station - complete with tray table, pillow, and heating pad. 😉


As close as she can get to me and still be on the floor!

So now I’m wondering if she has just gotten used to being with me now that I’m spending most of my time at home…or maybe she knows something I don’t know and we’ll be going into labor soon!  Either way, it was super cute…I just hope she doesn’t get upset when I’m gone at the NICU for two weeks!



  1. JessSutera said,

    She loves her mom! No two ways about it. That is the cutest story ever. She probably knows there’s a baby in there and is being protective of you. Super cute!!

  2. jenngator222 said,

    My cat was NEVER lovey until I was pregnant, and then she would come sit on my tummy and purr away.

  3. jobo said,

    aww!! that is the cutest story EVER!!!! I love her, she’s so loving and adorable. Must be clingy and know what’s coming….baby!! 🙂

  4. Amy said,

    So stinkin’ cute! I think animals are tuned into physical changes and alter their behavior accordingly. Love it. 🙂

  5. Lauren said,

    TOO CUTE! I have always loved that about animals – they are so much more in tune with our emotions than I think they get credit for. I’m sure she can sense that something big is coming and she’s keeping her eye on you 🙂

  6. iamstacey said,

    what a little sweetheart your puppy is! 🙂 She’s watchin’ out for ya.

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