May 25, 2011

Wait, we’re really having a baby next week?!?

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I still feel like next Wednesday WILL. NEVER. COME. but my darling husband has just finally realized that we’re going to be having a baby next week, LOL!

Our “official” induction date won’t be set until our appointment on Friday, but right now, we’re 99% sure that we’re going to be induced next Tuesday night, the 31st, in order to have him on June 1st.  That way, his surgery will be on Thursday or Friday when there are more bodies and support available at the hospital. 

I was talking to S yesterday and he mentioned that he might take Monday off of work.  (Yes it’s a holiday, but that never means much to my husband.)  😉  So I said, that would be great, but you know you have to take next Wednesday and Thursday off as well, right?  And he was like, “why?”

At first I thought he was kidding, but he legitimately had not made the connection between what was going to happen and when!  We’ve been in this hurry up and wait mode for several weeks now, and it has felt like baby boy’s birth is so far away, but now it’s really right around the corner!

We’ve discussed that it really doesn’t make sense for S to take time off just to sit with me in the NICU, that I’d rather he take some time off when we bring the baby home…but he obviously needs to be with me when we’re actually in labor (LOL!) and when the baby’s having surgery.  The following days and weeks we’ll just have to play by ear.

So now I just have to find ways to keep myself busy for the next week – when I can’t actually DO anything without setting off a round of contractions!  So frustrating.  I guess I should probably work on my shower thank yous, huh? 😉



  1. Kari said,

    A week!! That’s not much time. Good luck keeping busy so the time speeds by, I know a week can creep by when you’re awaiting something BIG. Take it easy and keep those contractions to a minimum.

  2. jobo said,

    Ahh!! I am so excited for you! I can’t believe this day is almost here!! And I LOVE that S had not made the connection that – news flash – it’s next week!! I can’t wait to meet your little man!! XOXO

  3. nobabyruth said,

    Well, I think it’s just so shocking to suddenly have an actual DATE to look forward to. For months you’ve been looking forward to June but with the knowledge that it wasn’t really in your hands at all. And to KNOW that your little one is coming THAT day is a huge!!! So exciting!

  4. sienna said,

    omg, a week left for you!!! yes, get those thank you cards out of the way so that you can just focus on your cutiepie after he gets here!! time is on serious slow-mo of late, yes??? i wish i could fast forward to the post-surgery-for-baby-boy part for you, so that you guys can get your good news that all is a-okay and start your lives at home! sending you my best vibes :o) xoxo.

  5. JessSutera said,

    LOVE it. S is a riot. Totally didn’t put two-and-two together now did he? I cannot wait to meet baby boy! I’m your girl if you need company next week!! mwah!!

  6. Ashley said,

    It will NEVER sink in!! I was reading the babes stories the other night and looked at my mom and said “are these kids mine? did you ever think this would happen?” They are OVER A YEAR and it hasn’t sunk in! Can’t wait to see pictures and hear all your good news!

  7. Meagan said,

    Thank you for your sweet comments and prayers on my blog – praying for a healthy delivery for you SOON 🙂 And we will cover that little guy with all sorts of prayers for the surgery and recovery. Having a baby in the NICU is no doubt difficult, but at least with ours here, we had the most wonderful & understanding doctors and nurses there. They seriously just ooze compassion and love and I still keep in touch with a few to this day. Take care & rest up. Get a pedi and treat yourself 🙂

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