May 19, 2011

37 week update

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After all of the drama of the past few weeks, I figured I owed you guys a plain old weekly update!

How am I feeling?  Physically, better after the amnio – I had been having a lot of back pain and stretching pain in my sides, and was starting to get really swollen ankles and calves, but all of that has been better over the past week or so.  (During my amnio, the doctor’s kept asking if I had been uncomfortable, and I was like “well yeah, but everyone says that you’re miserable at the end of your pregnancy…how was I supposed to know??”  And they told me that I had probably been as uncomfortable as someone 42-weeks pregnant or pregnant with twins.  Geesh!)  I’m starting to get some mild back pain again, so I know the fluid is starting to build up again, but hopefully we can get through two more weeks of relative comfort. 

Mentally?  Well, you know.  I’m feeling much better today, and am focusing on the few things that I learned yesterday to try and give myself a picture to hold onto for the next few weeks.

Physical changes (just want to put a stake in the ground as this will probably be one of my last official updates!):
– My stomach has definitely dropped over the past week or so.  I keep asking S if I’ve gotten smaller and he’s like “umm….NO”  lol…but between having the fluid removed and dropping, I feel much more “compact”
– I also officially have STRETCH MARKS (*gasp!*)…not on my stomach (oh no, I could always cover those with a one piece bathing suit), but on my hips and upper thighs!  Yucko!!  They’re not too bad yet (S tells me I’m beautiful and pretends he can’t even see them 😉 )…but I guess I’m officially a mother now, right?
– My boobs are starting to hurt again, so I hope that means they’re getting ready to do their job!

Weight gain?  +26 (although I had been up to +34 pre-amnio…lost 8 lbs in the 36 hours following the procedure and have held steady for the past week)

Other updates:
– I finally packed our hospital bag (!), and I also repacked baby boy’s bag.  The only things he’ll be allowed to wear in the NICU are hats and socks/booties, so the bag is now full of blankets, and every hat and sock we own…and yes, I bought a few more cute hats first thing this morning. 😉

Upcoming milestones – Induction (and meeting this baby!) on June 1st or 2nd!!

Photo(s) to come…promise!



  1. JessSutera said,

    I was just going to whine about the lack of photos in your LAST “update” post. 😉 I’ll be waiting, patiently. hehe

  2. Kari said,

    Yipee time is winding down quickly!! Take it easy and I can’t wait to see pictures of Baby Boy in those cute hats!!

  3. jobo said,

    ahhh!! So exciting. I can’t believe this day is almost here!! I remember so distinctly when I first found out about your miracle baby boy…and now, wooosh, here he (almost( is! And damn, I can’t believe you had 8 lbs of extra fluid from the amnio!! poor thing (and I second the picture request! pleeeasseeee <–whining). XOXO!

  4. Wifey said,

    I never thought of it but can totally see how you would feel/look different after them removing some of the fluid. Boo for stretchmarks but life goes on. Just hold on to the hope that they do lighten over time!!! 🙂 June will be here before you know it, praying for a very uneventful few weeks until the big day gets here!!!!

  5. nobabyruth said,

    Wow, amazing that you are getting sooooo close to the end and meeting that precious little boy!! Glad that you are feeling a bit better, too!!

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