April 11, 2011

Ruminations on childbirth class

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S and I really enjoyed our childbirth class on Saturday, even despite the fact that S got chosen as the husband volunteer who had to demonstrate how the labor beds worked, LOL!

Our biggest takeaway?

We can do this.  After a lot of the things that I had read and watched – even those advocating completely natural childbirth – I didn’t feel 100% comfortable and confident until listening to our nurse teacher (with 30+ years of experience at our hospital).  I now feel completely confident that (a) the hospital, and especially the nurses, will support our desire for a natural birth, and that (b) S and I have the tools and the relationship to get through labor and delivery together.  (However that ends up happening…natural or not.)

As much as S and I were giggling and joking through the breathing exercises, we could tell that they would be really helpful during labor.  And the nurse spent a lot of time going over how engaging the senses – music, photos, smells, etc. – help to block/distract you from the pain…so I’m excited to start pulling together some good vacation photos and iPod playlists.  😉

She also reassured me about my deepest fear…that the tub would be occupied and not available!  LOL, seriously, I’ve been more worried about that than anything else…but I guess that it is way under-utilized and even if it is in use, there’s always the shower (and no one can or will stay in the tub forever).

Most of all though, I really enjoyed the chance to bond with my hard-candy-shell of a husband, and to see him getting excited and engaged in the whole process.  Throughout our fertility struggles and years of pain and procedures, I have realized that S was truly hand-picked for me, and childbirth class was another reminder of that.  He is the only person that can make me laugh when I’m scared, calm me down during stressful situations, and the only person I want near me or touching me when I’m in pain. 

For a long time, I’ve been considering a doula, but I honestly believe that between S and the one-on-one nursing staff, that I’ll have all of the physical and emotional support that I will need.  And that the experience will be more comfortable and intimate for having the focus be on me and my husband.

All in all, class was a great way to step off the pregnancy rollercoaster for a moment and recharge.  S and I have been so preoccupied with the getting ready, that it was nice to take a moment and reconnect with each other and the true goal of this pregnancy.  I know that we don’t know what will happen and what we’ll need at the time…but it was a great opportunity to learn and bond and refocus.  Once again, I’ve been reminded what a great team we are, and I’m so excited about the next phase in our life!



  1. kari said,

    Awesome!! So excited for you & S. You’ll both do fantastic I’m sure!!

  2. jobo said,

    awww!!! That is so awesome. So sweet to read. Gave me some chills 🙂 XO.

  3. jsutera654 said,

    Like I said to you this AM, I loved everything about this post. You two are an amazing, strong, FUN, loving couple and I love to see you two grow together, stronger by the day. I am so, so happy for you!! love you both!

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