April 2, 2011

I’m such a sucker

Posted in Life at 8:36 am by lifebytheday

So, you guys know that yesterday was April Fool’s Day, right?  Well, I’m a complete sucker to begin with, and add in an April 1st snow/sleet/rain storm and I was I bit distracted.  So when my regular radio station spent the morning talking about a doctor who was doing plastic surgery on infants – Make My Baby Beautiful – I was enraged!  I spent my whole drive to work thinking about how scary and stupid our world has become…until the DJs switched over and they spilled the beans.  Pathetic.  😛  And this is even after I fell for their April Fool’s Day joke last year! 

I really hope that our kid gets S’s sense of humor and common sense…because if they get mine they’re SCREWED!  LOL



  1. jobo said,

    LOL!! That is a riot!! I would have fell for it too, for the record. I fell for the Starbucks prank yesterday…about Starbucks Mobile – bringing coffee to you! Totally got super excited and then someone clued me in. Hi, I’m Gullible!

  2. jsutera654 said,

    You are such a riot! I can TOTALLY see you in the car getting all worked up over it too. hehe.

  3. Ashley said,

    I am super gullible too! I totally fell for the “I’m pregnant” april fools joke from a friend on a april fools day. Embarassing! You look SOOOO adorable by the way, you are all baby!

  4. iamstacey said,

    LOL! I’m so naive, I fall for everything! 🙂 LOVE the belly pics, you’re just adorable!!

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