March 30, 2011

30 week update (and some randoms)!

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Sorry I fell off the radar again!  I suffered through another cold last week and didn’t have energy for any non-essential activities. 😉 

But I’m back, and I have to say, it feels AMAZING to have finally reached 30 weeks – almost more momentous than the third trimester!  After this week, we’re down to a single digit countdown, which makes me think that I should probably start dealing with some of the important things (maternity leave, deciding on a cord blood company, etc.). 

For some reason, I was really into reading and research at the beginning of the second trimester and then I stopped after freaking myself out about the OB conspiracy theory.  I need to find a happy medium between researching my options and going with the flow…

So here’s our 30-week update!

How am I feeling?  SORE.  My right leg (the first one that started hurting) now hurts ALL of the time – the muscle feels like it has been pulled and my skin hurts to the touch (clothes, sheets, etc.).  And I just had my first leg cramp that woke me up from a sound sleep…it happened on Sunday night and my left calf still hurts today.  So between my two legs, I’m literally limping around like a cripple! 

Weight gain? +20!!

Cravings/aversions?  I’m in a not-liking-dinner phase again…nothing sounds good and I only feel like a few bites of whatever we end up making.  Which leaves plenty of room for dessert 😉 but means that I’ve been trying to eat better/bigger lunches to make up for it.

Movement?  This child’s new favorite position is sideways, tush firmly planted against my right side 😛 …although s/he has also finally grown enough that his/her legs can reach my ribs!

Other updates:

I finally bit the bullet and had a conversation with my boss on Friday about shifting to half days (1/2 day out traveling and 1/2 day working from home) and it was a complete non-issue, which was quite a surprise.  The way my job works, I just have to get through the end of April and then I can work from home the majority of the time.  So hopefully I can start gradually down-shifting and still maintain some semblance of productivity.

I nearly have S convinced to squeeze in a quick bedroom re-do before the baby comes.  We need to pull down the old (horsehair and plaster) walls, re-insulate, drywall and paint.  Since the nursery is good shape, we have time, except for the fact that S’s one full-time employee is leaving on Friday to have shoulder surgery, and won’t be back for 8 weeks.  Get that?  10 weeks – 8 weeks = too close for comfort!!  So right now we’re trying to figure out how crazy work will get for S, and whether it might be worth (gasp!) hiring someone to do it, instead of doing it ourselves.  I would love to be able to bring our baby home to a brand-new room, but we’ll see.

Upcoming/milestones?  Our childbirth class is a week from Saturday and I’m really excited to learn some new things, meet some other local pregnant folks, and take a tour of the hospital wing!



  1. jobo said,

    Love the updates my friend! And glad your boss was totally fine with the schedule. As he should be! Where are the baby bump pics? 🙂

  2. Sienna said,

    Yaay for 30 wks! I’m a few days ahead of you it sounds like, and I totally agree that 30 seemed more momentous than the other milestones so far. We’re down to single digit weeks left. Amazing. Ugh, those leg cramps a a killer. I’d be sore for days afterwards. As soon as you feel one, no matter how much it hurts, point your toes towards you and not away from you, which sounds counterintuitive but it’s not. Every time I catch myself stretching in the midle of the night, I’ve trained myself to flex towards me and now I haven’t had a cramp in a month. Was getting a few a week before that! Btw, meant to tell you that I love love love your wall color in the nursery. I cant check wordpress blogsfrom work for some strange reason and so I’m always behind commenting on wordpress blogs. We’re in the fink stretch!

  3. Kari said,

    Congrats on 30 weeks!! You’re almost there!!

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