March 17, 2011


Posted in Pregnancy tagged , at 3:49 pm by lifebytheday

I just heard back from the OB’s office with my blood work from yesterday and got two GREAT pieces of news. 🙂

My glucose test came back NORMAL (yippee!!!), even after the huge bowl of ice cream I had on Monday night!  And it turns out that I am slightly anemic – which normally wouldn’t be great news except that now I know why I’ve been feeling so worn out.  It makes me feel hopeful that with a few diet tweaks I can start to regain more of my energy…at least for a few weeks. 😉

The “normal” result was so anticlimactic after how anxious I’ve been for this test…I honestly don’t know how to express how relieved I am.  I think I’m just so used to my body failing me, and having everything go wrong that possibly could, that I had literally convinced myself I already had GD.  I know that it wouldn’t have been the end of the world, but it’s another thing that gives me hope.  Maybe it really IS just the getting pregnant that’s the problem…and that my body actually knows what to do while pregnant.  The final test is going to be breastfeeding…hopefully these puppies can finally be good for SOMETHING! 😉



  1. Kari said,

    Yay!! Congrats on the pass!!

  2. Jess said,

    Yay! You’re a “normal” pregnant chick with that news! So cool!! 🙂

  3. jobo said,

    woohoo!! Now go eat some red meat or something! Fix that anemia with a good steak 😉 XO!

  4. Sienna said,

    I had the same results. Normal glucose but slightly anemic. I thought my over tiredness was normal for pregnancy!!!

  5. nobabyruth said,

    That’s fabulous!! I am nervous to get my glucose test results back because I’ve been on a major sugar kick lately! Fingers crossed it comes back okay!

    You are looking absolutely adorable, too!! The pic from your last entry is great!

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