March 16, 2011

Random updates, 28 weeks, and photos!

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  • Last Wednesday officially marked the beginning of the third trimester – YAY! – which was exciting, but not all that momentous until this morning when S said “do you realize that you’ve been pregnant for half a year?”  CRAZY.  We are so anxious to meet our baby that it feels like June 9th will NEVER COME, but it’s scary to think how fast the past six months have gone by. 
  • At a company meeting last Thursday/Friday, my awkward but well-intentioned boss commented on how big I already was and how he didn’t know how I was going to make it to June.  LOL!  Hopefully that means that he’ll be sympathetic when I discuss a modified work-from-home schedule with him next week.
  • My body has decided that drastic action is needed in order to avoid turning my Irish baby into an Italian.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m in St. Patrick’s Day mode, but for the past two weeks I have been CRAVING corned beef and cabbage dinners…which S has been only too happy to oblige.  We’ve had a full Irish dinner the past two Sunday nights and have another one planned for Thursday night.  Yumm!
  • At my appointment today, my OB (the last one I had yet to meet…and yes, I liked her) gave me some hope re: my legs, saying that just because they’ve been hurting for three months, doesn’t mean that it will continue through the end of the pregnancy.  Obviously, there’s no knowing for sure, but there’s always a chance that the baby will shift enough that the nerve pain will ease.  Fingers crossed!
  • And here’s a quick 28 week update:
    • Weight gain? +16 lbs
    • Cravings? Corned beef and cabbage!
    • Movement? The baby has gotten much stronger and has started moving into the strangest positions…lying horizontally across my belly, standing straight up and down, and rolling his/her entire body onto my right side.  I keep telling him/her (who coincidentally has been head down throughout my entire pregnancy, until now!) not to get stuck in any of these crazy positions!
    • Milestones?  Third trimester!
  • And here are some photos!

24 weeks


Me and my 2nd cousin at her baby shower (~28 weeks)



  1. Jess said,

    Awww! Reading this makes me miss you soooo much more!! You look SO CUTE!!

  2. jobo said,

    LOVE! Such a cute pregnant chick, seriously. And um, tell S I want corned beef and cabbage! I seriously love that stuff, and everyone looks at me weird 😉

  3. Ashley said,

    Such cute baby bellies!

  4. Amy said,

    Jeannine, you look fantastic!!

  5. Kari said,

    Gorgeous belly shots!! My fingers are crossed the leg pain will cease soon.

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