February 24, 2011


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In honor of 25 weeks, I thought I would share a few of the (physical) changes that have come to a head over the past few weeks:

  1. BOOBS.  For anyone who knows me – and anyone who has also had to suffer the curse of not-quite-A’s – you will know how exciting it is that I’m finally growing a set of boobs!  😉  I officially had to retire my regular bras a few weeks ago, and took a trip to VS where I discovered that not only had I increased a band size, but also a full cup size!  And yes, I’m loving every minute of being a B.  😛  Although for the first time in my life, the underwire in my bra is killing me – even after the saleswoman told me it might and I was like “oh, nooo, I love underwire!” – I had to go back and get a second bra in the wireless version. 
  2. BELLY.  My belly has gotten so big that I can’t see what’s ahem, beneath it…so my poor wax lady is probably in for a shock this weekend.  And I officially can not bend over and touch my toes anymore, which means that putting on socks and shaving have become acrobatic events, and I am starting the process of regular pedicures going forward.  (If anyone has seen my husband’s nails, you’ll know why I turned down his kind offer to cut my toes for me.) 😉
  3. WEIGHT.  At today’s OB appointment, I officially hit a new “category”…i.e. a digit in the tens place that I’ve never seen before!  I still have a good 10-15 lbs to go, at a minimum (depending on whether I start counting from my pre- or post-IVF weight), and S and I just find it totally hysterical to guess how big I might get.  I know that I’m eating healthy (and the baby is measuring perfectly on track), so I don’t really care how much I gain.  The summer will be the perfect time for long walks to work off the lbs.  😉

In case it isn’t obvious, I am LOVING every aspect of my changing body.  I realized the other night it’s probably because, even though my stomach is big, it’s tight, and I haven’t had a tight stomach in years!!  😛


  1. jsutera654 said,

    OMG you are a riot. I loved this post friend! LOVE that you are loving this process, you deserve to enjoy every minute my dear! xo

  2. Kari said,

    Hooray for boobies!! Fellow not quite an A here too so I’m well aware of your excitement!! Glad to hear you’re doing well!!

  3. jobo said,

    The ‘ahem’ cracked me up. Totally ‘heard’ you saying that 😉 Yay for boobs!

  4. kristi said,

    Loving all your updates on body changes…Amazing enough I still managed to give myself a pedicure up until the end:) Where theres a will theres a way.

  5. nobabyruth said,

    You took the words right out of my mouth!! I am lucky enough to be a B cup to start with but now these babiesare well into C territory and slowly but surely approaching D-land. It’s insane. Fun, but insane!!

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