February 9, 2011

Nursery update

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After my whiny, depressing post of yesterday, I thought I owed you guys some happiness and light.  So I thought I’d give you all a nursery room update…since we finally have made some decisions and some progress!

I’m sure you all remember that I’ve been looking for gender neutral nursery bedding/themes/colors since before I was pregnant…and it was not going well.  Four different shades of green later and S was begging to find out the gender just so we could repaint the room.  😉 

After giving up on bedding sets, I spent weeks looking (in stores and online) for a fabric that S and I both liked and that was truly gender neutral, both in color and in theme.  And after much searching, we found a fabric online and ordered a sample.  It just came last Friday and thank goodness! we loved it as much in person.  In fact, we loved it so much that we couldn’t wait to start on the room!  I went out on Saturday to get new paint and S painted the room Saturday night and Sunday. 

Without further ado…

Our fabric, that will be made into curtains, a quilt, and potentially a dust ruffle:

From far away, all you see is the checkerboard pattern, but close up you can see all the cute little animals and toys.  I’m just picturing myself holding our baby and teaching him/her all the colors and words…I can’t wait! 😀

And I finally abandoned my dream of “pale apple green”…trust me friends, it doesn’t exist…and we went with a pale aqua:

8 oz. Pastel Jade Interior/Exterior Paint Tester # 480C-2

Behr - Pastel Jade

Once the baby is born, we are going to accent with pink or blue…sheets, pillow, area rug, wall art, etc…and S is going to make me an armchair/rocker in cozy off-white chenille.

So what do you think?? 🙂



  1. Kari said,

    I love that pattern!! It is absolutely adorable!! I also love the paint color that you picked. It will look so cute with pink or blue. So sorry your belly button is becoming unbearable. Hoping you start feeling better quickly!!

  2. Kristi said,

    Very cute…Yes I will agree with you greens are very hard…Our nursery is green and my hubs had to re paint a few times because once the color was up I didnt like it:) Love the fact you will be able to add blue or pink when baby is here

  3. jobo said,

    supppper cute 🙂

  4. iamstacey said,

    I LOVE the patchwork fabric! It’s so fun and happy! Great choice!

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