January 26, 2011

Belly parade part II

Posted in Pregnancy tagged , at 3:34 pm by lifebytheday

In honor of week 21, here’s the belly parade, from 16 to 20 weeks:

16 weeks


18 weeks


20 weeks


I don’t know if anyone else can tell, but the bump is getting BIG. 😉  I officially need a new winter jacket, but its hard to find a maternity jacket rated for temps between 0 and 30!  Any suggestions??

Oh!  And I’ve officially felt movement, FROM THE OUTSIDE.  S still hasn’t, but hopefully soon! 😀 

Update – he just felt it tonight, yay!!



  1. jsutera654 said,

    YAY!! Loooove the belly parade 🙂

  2. Kari said,

    SOOOOOOO ADORABLE!! You look fabulous!! As far as a winter jacket goes, can you buy a regular jacket that’s just a bigger size? I carry LD in our Beco baby carrier into stores, etc. and since you aren’t supposed to put them in jackets when they’re in their car seat(if you’re in an accident the fabric is more likely to compress and the baby can come out of the harness) I always zip my jacket around him in the carrier. I’ve had to start using DH’s jacket because it’s big enough to zip around LD and I, but I’m currently looking for a jacket for myself and planning to buy it big enough to zip around both of us. So if you plan to wear your baby in a carrier you might want to consider just buying a bigger jacket.

  3. kristi said,

    Oh you look so cute and have def poped:) I did around 19wks…As for winter coat only thing that still fits me is my Northface but its my one that is 1 size up what I would normally wear…So maye give that a try

  4. Sooo cute! You are rockin the pregnant belly! 🙂

  5. jobo said,

    You are so freakin cute. I can’t get over it. LOVE IT and love the huge ass smile on your face the most. It’s awesome. 🙂

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