December 22, 2010

16 week update, and a revelation

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How am I feeling?  Finally not feeling sick any more, but now dealing with a weird numb/tingly leg thing that started over the weekend.  My friend was visiting from NYC and we did a LOT of shopping…which probably should not have been done in my high-heeled boots. 😛  Interested to see what the doctor will say when I see him tomorrow…I really hope this isn’t some sciatica thing that is starting NOW.

Weight gain?  0 lbs (up another 2 lbs, and back to my IVF/pre-pregnancy weight)

Cravings/aversions?  I just had my first yogurt in 10 weeks – yay! – and I’ve also been able to stomach more vegetables and meat.  But I still want pasta and carbs like whoa. 🙂

Milestones?  Really starting to show and being able to tell/talk about our pregnancy.  I still have a hard time believing that we’ll be bringing a baby home in 5(!)+ months, but it’s definitely starting to feel more real.

Looking forward to…  Feeling the baby move SOON!  I had a few nights last week where I thought I felt it, but nothing definitive, and nothing since then.  I’m also really looking forward to heading to Ireland (in FOUR DAYS!) to see S’s friends and family…and our god-daughter who just turned 3!!

In other news, I had an eye-opening experience earlier today.  I’ve been working from home today and was catching up on some DVR while wrapping up my work project…and ended up watching an episode of Guiliana and Bill.  For those who don’t know, Guiliana DePandi (of E!) and Bill Rancic (of the Apprentice) have their own reality show – which I am obsessed with – especially since they are currently documenting their struggles with IVF and infertility.  On this particular episode, Guiliana had complications after her egg retrieval (exactly what happened to me post cycle #2) and then got a devastating negative.  This was going to be their last time, after suffering a miscarriage from their first cycle, and I was really rooting for them.  

It was so hard for me to watch their pain, and all of the thoughts and emotions from our failed cycles came rushing back.  For a moment, I was right there with her…and completely forgot that I was pregnant!  I actually had to shake myself back into reality and apologize to my baby for forgetting about him/her.  😉  It’s just still so much easier for me to identify with the pain and sadness, than it is to feel part of the “smug pregnants” (to mis-quote Bridget Jones).  I don’t think I’ll ever forget what we went through…and I’m actually glad about that.  I know that we will always appreciate our child that much more for how hard we worked to get him/her, and I also think that it will make me more sensitive to others.  I just can’t wait for this to stop feeling so surreal!


  1. jsutera654 said,

    Aww! I can imagine that watching that would bring suuuuch a rush of emotions back! You are going to be an amazing mom and you’re right, you’ll cherish it EVEN more than normal because of what you’ve gone through. You’ll surely win mom and dad of the year like every year 😉

  2. jobo said,

    Wow, that’s crazy, but I can identify (not obviously apples to apples in ANY way) given when I hear about friends, or other blog friends going through divorce and the pain that comes along with it, it brings me back to my own moments and then I too, shake myself of it and realize how thankful I am to be past it, but will never forget it either. And I can’t say it enough, I am so excited for this baby for you two…like whoa 🙂

  3. Kari said,

    Yay for 16 weeks!! You’ll be feeling that little one in no time. I know everyone says it feels fluttery, but LD felt like popcorn not butterflies!! I felt him for a while w/out realizing it because I was waiting for flutters. Have a fabulous holiday!! Enjoy Ireland, how cool!!

  4. iamstacey said,

    I’m 28 weeks and it still doesn’t feel real to me! I still can’t quite wrap my mind around the hope that we’ll actually bring a baby home shortly!
    It’s so awesome you’re headed for Ireland! Have a wonderful holiday with family!

  5. kristi said,

    I have not seen that episode yet but my sis was telling me about it…So sad what all of us have been through or are going through…I have a feeling this wont be their last cycle they are just in that funk that we all have been in..

    So happy you are starting to feel better:) and loving food again…let me tell you the comforting carb craving during pregnancy really doesnt go away…I love love love my carbs!!!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  6. D said,

    Sorry i’m catching up a little late here! So glad you are starting to feel better. Hope Ireland was wonderful, as well as Christmas and New years. I went through that tingly numb feeling too, went to the doc, had all kinds of tests done and they found nothing wrong. The doc put me on an extra vitamin B12 that dissolves under the tongue, well after a few weeks the senstations went away. Might be worth a try asking the doc about, or if you haven’t gotten your vitamin levels checked maybe ask about that? Sciatica would suck, I live through that every day…

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