December 16, 2010

Botox gone bad, and more

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Sooo…the minute my cold started to get a little better (i.e. I could sleep for more than an hour at a time without waking myself up hacking), I woke up Monday morning with the cold sore from HELL.  Seriously, picture a bad case of B.otox, but only on the top right half of my lip.  And after waking up yesterday with it worse, not better, I finally went to the doctor…and came home with an oral antiviral and topical antibiotic cream.  Sexy.  And no, I’m NOT posting pictures. ;-P  But in better news, I found out that I can take C.laritin while pregnant, so yay!

Being sick for a week+ has officially sent me off the hormonal edge.  Between trying to come up with ideas (and get out to purchase) the last few Christmas presents, getting ready to leave for Ireland in 10 DAYS, and trying to finish a major work project due on the 22nd, I am continually one step away from total meltdown.  The things that have set me off in just the past 48 hours:

  • pizza dough
  • the cat attacking the Christmas tree
  • the laundry pile
  • the fact that I hadn’t cocoa buttered my stomach for days while I was sick

The last one was when S burst into laughter and told me to relax, that he’d lotion my stomach for me.  LOL!  He seriously has been an angel…despite this being his busiest time of year and the fact that he hasn’t had a day off since the end of November, he still comes home, talks me off the ledge and then helps with dinner, laundry, cleaning, etc.


I literally had written that last “etc.” and settled down to work on my work project when all hell broke loose.

Almost exactly 45 minutes after taking the antiviral med, I got an excruciating burning pain in my urinary tract and a dull pain in my lower abdomen.  I called my primary care and was put through to a nurse who said “you NEVER should have been given that med while pregnant” and recommended I go to the ER.  Sobbing and in pain, I called S to come home and while I was waiting for him called the OB.  The OB nurse said that yes, it was fine for me to have been given med, but that in rare cases there are problems, so I probably should go to the ER.

Four hours, a urine test and an ultrasound later, we left the ER…feeling a bit better, but with no answers.  I was borderline for a UTI, so they didn’t want to treat it yet, but the baby looked fine and I was released with instructions NOT to take the second dose of the med (obviously!).  I spent the rest of the evening with a headache and stomachache, and then was woken up at 11pm with a backache.  I’m sitting here trying to decide whether I try to follow up with my OB, or whether I’m just generally achy from all of the drama.

Yesterday’s experiences were eye-opening…I came this-close to dissolving into hysterics – multiple times – and I realized that we have long since passed the point where I could accept something happening to the baby.  I think that I have been keeping my emotions locked up just waiting for the other shoe to drop, but yesterday showed me just how fiercely I will protect this child.  I basically demanded that they do an ultrasound when there was some miscommunication between the doctor and the sonographer, and they were planning to just ultrasound my organs and not the baby.  My exact words?  “We’re here because of the baby, I don’t care about myself!”  It turns out that it was a good thing they checked me too, because they found polyps on my gall bladder that I’ll probably have to deal with post-pregnancy.

So all in all, it was a scary afternoon, but it made me grateful once again that S owns his own business and works five minutes from both our house and the hospital.  Although we both got frustrated by all of the waiting around and the lack of a diagnosis – and I felt terrible that he lost out on half a day of much needed work time – S agreed that we were better safe than sorry and that the baby and I are his first priority.  Even when you know that’s true, it’s nice to hear. 🙂

So for today, I’m laying low and taking stock of all of my aches…fingers crossed that everything settles down and this turns out to be much ado about nothing.



  1. said,

    Oh my what a day:( I hope you start feeling better all around!!!

  2. jsutera654 said,

    Aww babe, I’m so sorry about your scare! I am SO relieved that everything is ok with the baby but ALSO with you…I hope the gallbladder thing isn’t anything major, sounds kinda scary to me :/. Hang in there. And PS. You are already SUCH a mom with how fiercely protective you are of the little one, its amazing. Hugs friend. xoxo

  3. jobo said,

    WOW. That is insane…sometimes it amazes me how unorganized the medical system can be sometimes (and hearing some stories from M too!). I am SO SO SO glad you and the baby are okay. And I hope the polyps aren’t anything major either, but seriously everything happens for a reason, because now they were found, which is good. I am proud of your fierce protection for your baby (which is awesome) but do know that you are important to take care of too, okay?! XOXO!

  4. Kari said,

    So glad it sounds like things will be fine with the baby. I hope the other things in your life settle down as well. And I agree with the PPs you’re important too!! That little baby needs Mama to be in tip top shape because it’s depending on you to get big and strong!!

  5. iamstacey said,

    Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you all are ok! I had almost the same experience – I took (prescribed) penicillin for a sinus infection around the same time in my pregnancy, and had a massive allergic reaction! It was terrifying! I’m so sorry you went thru all that. It’s so good your hubby was close by!

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