November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving and weekend update

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Thanksgiving this year (and the subsequent long weekend) was wonderful…just pure bliss.  S actually took the full four days off (which was a miracle in itself), and the weekend passed in a blur of sleeping in, hanging out with family, shopping, relaxing…and doing some work around the house.  Yesterday I spent a few hours going through my clothes and sorting out what should be donated (i.e. I wouldn’t want to wear them even if I somehow fit back into them in a year 😉 ) and what should be packed up (summer clothes and whatever winter clothes don’t, or won’t fit).  I now have a quarter of my closet and two drawers – empty! – just waiting for some new maternity clothes.

I was going to wait until after today’s appointment, but I just succumbed to Cyber Monday and bought a pair of work pants and two lounge pants.  Pants are definitely the issue right now…even with the bella band, they’re just getting too tight.  Which doesn’t make me feel good about the state of my @$$…but oh well, this is what I wanted, right?  Besides work pants (which I luckily only need about two pairs of, since I’m at different customers every day), I really want to find a good pair of jeans.  I went to GAP and tried on a few different kinds, but all of them gave me uni-butt!  I’m trying to convince S that it’s worth the splurge to buy one pair of maternity 7’s, especially if I wear them every weekend for the next six months!  He’s not convinced yet, but I think he will be once I can bring him shopping with me and show him swamp-@$$.  😉

Other than that, not much else going on…just counting down the hours until our appointment this afternoon.  I’ll try to post an update later on today…but in the meantime, fingers crossed, okay?  🙂


Everything is A-okay!!  Well, besides my husband’s mood after having to wait for an hour between the ultrasound and the (10 minute!) dr’s appointment 😉 …but everything baby related is perfect.  We didn’t get any good pictures, because the baby was facing down, smooshed into the placenta…but we did get to see waving arms and legs and some wiggling around. 

All of the waiting around kind of took the glow off our ultrasound-high – and it didn’t feel as monumental as I thought it would – but I guess we’re offiically in the clear (as much as we’re going to be)!  I found out that my weekly counts have been a day off, so today we are 12w5d, and Wednesday marks 13 weeks!  I think the end of the 13th week is officially the end of the third trimester…so technically one more week…but we’re going to relax and tell a few more people today.  Although I’ll probably wait another little while before outing ourselves on FB. 😉



  1. jsutera654 said,

    I am SO happy you had such a relaxing weekend with the family and with S – I’m just as shocked as you that he took FOUR days away from work! Good for him (and you)! Lots of love for this afternoon’s appointment. XO! And PS. I can guarantee you S will cave on the maternity 7s, just give him time 😉

  2. Amy said,

    Fingers are double-crossed! And I think you deserve one pair of “hot mama” jeans. 😉

  3. iamstacey said,

    I LOVE my maternity pants and jeans! Couldn’t make it in anything else! Definitely go for the jeans!!

  4. Jolene said,

    Yay!!! So glad that you had a good ultrasound! That’s awesome. Can’t wait for it to be official official though, ya know, on FB, (cuz that makes it real right? haha jk). I vote for the 7 jeans!!! so true! No uni-ass allowed!! HAHA!

  5. Kari said,

    Whoo hoo!! Congrats!! Awesome!!

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