November 6, 2010

How times have changed…

Posted in Life at 9:37 am by lifebytheday

Last night S and I decided to go see a movie.  I owe him for at least two times when we tried to do dinner and a movie, and by the time we finished dinner I was so exhausted that we had to go home.  LOL!  So yesterday I had made crock-pot chili – which the baby loved, strangely enough – so we finished up with dinner early and decided to go out. 

We went to see The Town – which was actually pretty good – and as I was going to the bathroom on the way out (for the third time since we had arrived), I looked at my watch and noticed that it was 9:45.  Just as I was saying to myself how proud I was that we had stayed out ’til almost 10 o’clock, I overheard two girls as they were walking in saying “it’s still so early!”  LOLOL!!!

I walked out of the bathroom laughing and told S, and he laughed and gave me a squeeze.  Even if we are really lame right now, we’re loving our life exactly as it is.  🙂  And we’re so thankful for the chance to be pregnant and lame. 😉



  1. Deb said,

    Hehehe… yes, how things can change.

    We saw The Town during Trick or treat hours because we were both sick and felt we shouldn’t pass our germs to the 100+ kids we get every year. Definitely some nice eye candy for me and it was a good movie.

  2. Alenka said,

    I can only make it past 10pm if I nap. I function as a 2 year old right now – either 11-12 hours of sleep at night or I can do 9-10 at night if I take a good nap. Enjoy this and remember, as we enter second trimester, things will improve.

  3. Hillary said,

    So cute! Enjoy every minute 🙂

  4. jolene1079 said,

    lovelovelove it!! So happy for you guys, and all of the things you totally appreciate!!

  5. Kari said,

    It only gets earlier from here!! Once that little one is here even 7pm will seem late!! 🙂 So glad you’re spending time together doing the things you like to do now. Enjoy it!!

  6. iamstacey said,

    I feel the same! So happy to be pregnant, and never lamer before in my life! I LOVE being in bed by 8:30! 🙂

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