November 1, 2010

Just call me Cujo

Posted in Pregnancy tagged , at 3:08 pm by lifebytheday

Okay, there’s officially another pregnancy symptom to add to the list…one that I thought wouldn’t appear until much later in pregnancy, but that S forced me to acknowledge has definitely arrived.  Mood swings. 

As much as I hate to admit it, I am perhaps a teensy bit on edge and slightly quick to anger. 😛  After nearly biting off the heads of THREE separate perfume ladies yesterday – all because they were trying to sell me a gift pack with lotion (which coincidentally was exactly the same price) instead of just letting me buy my perfume separately – S was like “you are so stubborn!”  LOL!! 

He thinks it’s really funny…as do his brother and coworker who have already witnessed some of my biting responses to S.  I honestly think that the only reason S is putting up with me right now is because I also seem to have developed a sense of humor, and great comedic timing.  Not only am I a total bitch, but I’m actually funny now!  Just call me Chelsea/Cujo/Handler. 😉


Oh, I nearly forgot!  One of my best friends and fellow bloggers has started a month-long celebration of the little things we are thankful for, and I am TOTALLY joining her. 

So for today, the first of November, I am thankful for a husband who puts up with my mood swings, and just laughs instead of choking me. 😉


  1. jsutera654 said,

    HAHAHA I am CRACKING up over here. You are a riot – I totally need to witness one of these Cujo outbursts myself. I can’t quite believe that you have them since you are sooooo lovely to be around afterall. 😉 Thanks for the shout-out – LOVE that you’re joining the cause! YAY!

  2. jolene1079 said,

    Love that you are doing this thankful for thing too. Maybe I should too 🙂 And mood swings, I think you are totally allowed to have as many as you want 😉

  3. kristi said,

    Oh girlie I was totally and moody and lack of patience my first trimester…To be honest I didnt get better until the beginning of the second…My hubs at first was kind of scared of me…and he’s a kidder and I just wasnt up for any horse play…no jokes…no nothing…So hang in there it will get better once those horomones become balanced:)

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