September 16, 2010

Some good news

Posted in Infertility, IVF tagged , at 3:48 pm by lifebytheday

I’m happy to report that the retrieval today was completely uneventful!  I feel much better than previous retrievals, actually pretty good considering.

I ended up having my primary RE and one of my other favorite docs perform the procedure and they made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.  They were right regarding the quantity of eggs – we got 7, which is the fewest I’ve ever come out of a retrieval with – I’m just hoping that all 7 are mature and good quality!

I’ll post again tomorrow once I get the fert report.  Everybody keep your fingers firmly crossed!



  1. jsutera654 said,

    I’m so relieved for you, babe! I’m liking that number…7.

  2. Saartjie said,

    Hi, I just found your blog- and I love it.

    I can so relate with the things you write about. I have been ttc for the past 5 years and have done 2 ICSI’s the past year. Both ended in m/c.

    I saw my FS today and just felt like smashing things. I am afraid to do another cycle, but even more afraid not to do anything. Insane- I know;)

    I just want to say “good luck”. I hope you get beautiful embies and a BFP!!!

  3. jolene1079 said,

    YAY. I am thinking 7 is a great number…XO!

  4. Kari said,

    Fingers crossed and 7 is a lucky number!!

  5. cristin said,

    ooh i do like the 7!! fingers are crossed 🙂

  6. APlusB said,

    Good number!! Good luck!

  7. elaine said,

    best of luck!!

    ~elaine, lfca

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