July 30, 2010

Something has GOT to give.

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Last night S and I were visiting my parents and I did what I always do when I’m there…I weighed myself.  S and I have a scale but we don’t keep it out, and so my parents’ scale right next to the toilet in the bathroom is always too tempting to resist. 

I should have resisted.

I officially weigh more than I ever have – and that’s including when I was living in Ireland eating potatoes and chocolate like it was my job.  I had already known that I was getting up there, but this was a real wake up call.  I have been taking Bailey on some extra long walks and trying to watch what I eat lately – which usually is enough to help me drop at least a pound or two – but clearly that’s not going to be enough this time around.

I somehow have to find the energy to consistently work out, which also means fighting through my depression and my general feeling of not caring.  I did manage to do some pilates and ab exercises this afternoon and am planning to take Bailey for a long walk once it cools off tonight, but the question is really whether I can stick with it long enough to regain the habit.  I used to love working out, but it has been so long that it feels impossible. 

This from someone who has two best friends currently at a work out weekend – 8 (or 9?) workouts in three days!  J and J, will you dedicate a few of those to me? 😉

But seriously, if we’re going to have even the slightest shot at getting pregnant, I HAVE to get back in shape.



  1. Meg said,

    I will forever endorse this site: http://www.livestrong.com. It has a section called “The Daily Plate,” it is super-user friendly, free and has a huge database. There is also an app for I-phone users. It is amazing to see how quickly stuff adds up! Good luck!


    PS J/J are nuts to work out all weekend.

  2. 2ctt said,

    Ditto to that! I just did a similar post. I’m trying to be careful and get moving more but it doesn’t seem to have worked. I even held back on holiday… I’ll keep trying so should you!

  3. jsutera654 said,

    Friend…I heart you and you are hot, beyond belief…but I know my saying “you aren’t fat” isn’t going to magically make you feel better (as it wouldn’t me either, let’s be honest!) so I will say this – one day at a time, and I love the daily plate too, per Meg’s suggestion, and if you want any Cathe DVDs, you know you can always always borrow them!!

    • jsutera654 said,

      woops – that was jolene, not Jess, I didn’t realize she was logged in on my wordpress – rude 😉

  4. jsutera654 said,

    This is actually ME posting now, not Jo, just to clarify that. 😉 I agree, you are beautiful and strong. I’m sending you hugs and love and lots of support, per the usual 🙂

  5. nobabyruth said,

    I completely understand where you are coming from. It’s so easy to let the things that made our lives “normal” slip by the wayside as we struggle along our personal journeys. But the truth is that you are so right – “if we’re going to have even the slightest shot at getting pregnant, I HAVE to get back in shape.” And I think that’s not solely do to the physical side of things, but also to the mental. We have to stay sane by whatever means possible!! Good luck!

  6. squashgirl said,

    I can’t imagine feeling bloated for four years, honestly, I think you look amazing. I get the ‘feeling fat’ mentality even when you really aren’t but I just feel it should be said that you are a beautiful strong woman and not fat!

    I like the extra walks idea, Bailey will love it and maybe it will boost your energy! As you can see, I am nothing like J/J and their workout weekends 😉

    I know with a busy job its hard to find time to exercise and I hope you can, its a challenge.

    I get the challenge of keeping your weight down. I too watched the scale creep up over the years. It stinks. But it can be changed!

    Hugs Hugs Hugs, I know you are going through alot and I am thinking about you often.

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