April 14, 2010

Two strikes, and I’m OUT.

Posted in Life at 6:42 pm by lifebytheday

So, as if my week hasn’t been bad enough…today on my way between campuses, I managed to lock myself out of my (running) rental car!!  I had no phone, no wallet…and seriously just wanted to call time out and start the whole week over.  I managed to grab a guy walking by and borrowed his phone to call S, who called AAA and came to meet me.

Thank God I have a husband who comes to help – no questions asked – although he still definitely gives me a hard time.  There have been a lot of crash test dummy jokes since Monday. 😛  He’s getting a little tired of me this week though, so hopefully I won’t get a third strike!



  1. Janine said,

    Oh no!!! What an awful week. Don’t you deserve a manicure or a massage or something this weekend, after all that? 😉 I hope things are better for you today, and that you have a nice, relaxing next couple of days. You’ve earned it!!

  2. Meg said,

    Never a dull moment in your household! But then again, I think dull moments are over-rated.

  3. Ashley said,

    Oh man, what a week! I hope you have a super relaxing weekend planned. Also, you might need to start riding a bike. 🙂

  4. jsutera654 said,

    Aww hugs to you friend. It sounds like you really need to give yourself this weekend to unwind and find some peace from the crazy few weeks you’ve had. xoxoxo

  5. 21reena said,

    YIKES!!!! here’s some internet hugs. I wish I had a do over button alot. hope things get better!

  6. egghunt said,

    Oh boy if you don’t laugh at yourself then you’ll cry. When bad stuff all clumps itself together like this I like to think that it’s better because it means that you are getting your monthly dose of bad news all in one bundle (rather than spread out). And this works out nicely because it means that IVF cycle 3.5 is going to be good good GOOD. Hang in there and don’t be too hard on yourself. x

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