April 13, 2010

(no idea what to call this one)

Posted in Life at 7:02 pm by lifebytheday

So, I had originally planned to write this post yesterday and to talk about how strange it was to be re-starting Lupron for cycle #3.5…but that was before I spent yesterday getting into (and then recovering from) a CAR ACCIDENT…!

To try and make a long story short, here are the highlights:

I was on my way to a noon-time work presentation (the first one that I had run by myself) and had just picked up sandwiches.  I was following directions from my GPS (had never been in this town before), entered a rotary, and halfway through, SLAMMED into a van!  Apparently halfway through there was a stop sign giving the other half of the rotary right of way, and I literally DID NOT see it.  THANK GOD no one was hurt, except for the two cars, both of which were un-driveable.

My colleague (and former boss, who was joining me for the presentation) picked me and the sandwiches up off the side of the road and we actually went and DID the presentation!  I had planned to give him the stuff and then have S pick me up and spend the rest of the day crying in my bed, but my colleague just assumed that I’d still be going, so I decided I had to suck it up and go.

After the preso, S picked me up, brought me to the tow lot and helped me empty my car of the millions of boxes of books (which he thinks is the reason why I didn’t get hurt – that the weight of the books actually held the car down).  He brought me back to his shop (because I didn’t want to be alone) and I spent the afternoon making phone calls. 

So now, I’m in a rental car for the foreseeable future, and just feeling SO guilty and embarassed about the whole thing.  Luckily, it was the company car, so we don’t have to pay for repairs, but I still just can’t believe that it happened.


Oh and yes, I did my first Lupron injection this morning.  Crazy.



  1. jolene1079 said,

    OMG! I am so glad you are ok!!! that is crazy – and I love how the Lupron injection is your afterthought sentence in this email, sorta funny 😉 But seriously, GLAD you are ok, and on your way to 3.5!

  2. Kari said,

    Oh so glad you are ok!! Also glad it was a company car. I cannot have GPS in the car because it actually becomes even more distracting for me and I freak out and try to look at the screen and ignore the road. I’m not a multi-tasking focuser.

  3. Jane said,

    Glad you’re OK!!

  4. cristin said,

    my gosh, i’m so glad you’re alright!!

  5. Kelly said,

    what a weird day! maybe this was your drama for the cycle and the rest will be smooth sailing. 🙂 i hope that 3.5 is your lucky number!

  6. 21reena said,

    OMG!!! I’m SO glad you’re ok. I hope you’re still feeling ok. How scary.

    sending you good vibes for that AND for the Lupron!

  7. egghunt said,

    Wow, you did so well to pick yourself up and carry on with your presentation after being in an accident. It’s amazing how you can just ‘suck it up’ when you need to. I’m so pleased your OK and don’t feel guilty… like you said – no one was hurt and thats all that matters, the rest can be taken care of by insurance. Stuff can be replaced, people can’t. Everyone has crashes so it doesn’t mean you are a bad person or a lousy driver, it just means you are normal. Still scary though – I remember shaking like a leaf after my car accident.
    PS – Woop to Lupron!

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