April 6, 2010

Nothing new

Posted in Life at 8:42 am by lifebytheday

When I was younger, one of my mother’s favorite teaching phrases was “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  Hence my lack of posts lately.  I know that you guys don’t want to read about how my peace and calm was short-lived and how stress and panic has returned full force…I’m sick of thinking about it, let alone talking about it. 

I just had to share one thing…how amazing S has been.  He has really stepped up to bat for me – cleaned the entire house on Sunday, put up with my drama all weekend, and last night shopped, cooked AND cleaned up after dinner.  I literally have not-an-ounce of extra time or energy and he is the only thing keeping me from falling off the deep end.  I just hope he can put up with this crap for another few weeks… 

We just booked our hotel for a long distance wedding at the end of April.  It’s in Virginia, so we’ve decided to drive down on the Friday before, relax all day Saturday with the wedding at night, and then drive home on Sunday.  A nice little mini-vacation!  Now I just have to find a dress…  What do you think about this one?  JS Boutique Beaded Crisscross Matte Jersey Gown

(The wedding is black tie and all the girls I know will be in long dresses…)

Or, this is the other option – a dress that I currently own – from all angles, lol!

(The only problem with this one is that I’m not sure whether it will still zip…)

So what do you think?  HELP! 😉



  1. Kari said,

    Both of those dresses are beautiful!! I am partial to green so my vote is the green one, but the black and white is just as pretty if you don’t want to buy a new dress. It’s currently sweltering here in VA so if things don’t get better by the end of the month the black and white one might be cooler!! 🙂

  2. jsutera654 said,

    Hey friend – I honestly think you should consider blogging MORE while you’re dealing with extra stress and such, for me – blogging can be so cathartic, almost like way to rid my mind of negativity and frustration so I can stop driving myself nuts over it. It usually works pretty well, just a thought, though. 🙂 And I LOVE that green dress, so perty! Though the one you have is just as gorgeous too!! And PS. LOVE S – he’s a rockstar, despite his quirks which make him that much more lovable in my opinion 😉

  3. Amy said,

    I love that black & white dress, and the more uses you get out of it the better! Plus you look HOT in it. 😉 If you’re itching to get something new for the wedding, buy a little clutch or some new jewelry. I think a mini-vacation to Virginia will be lovely. Do NOT take your laptop. xo

  4. 21reena said,

    ooh – I love them both! If I had to pick, I’d say go with the green since you think others will be wearing long dresses, also it’s a nice treat to buy a new dress and it might lift your spirits AND you can buy it in whatever size you currently are and don’t have to worry about it not fitting.

    Also – please, if you have not noce things to say – please say them here – you are not alone in that and maybe it would be good to get it out!

    missed reading about you!

  5. jolene1079 said,

    Love them both – the green would look gorgeous on you! But I lovelovelove the black one too – yeah, I’m suchahelp, right?? And I agree with Jess, blogging it out sooo helps me…tho I know it’s also just one more thing to try and get done! So glad S is being a husband hero…not that I would expect anything less 🙂 XO!

  6. egghunt said,

    I agree with 21reena, whatever you are feeling you shouldn’t feel like you have to censor it because it’s your blog and whatever you are feeling is worth writing about…
    In regards to the dresses… they are both georgeous! If everyone else is wearing long dresses tho, i’d maybe go for the green one. Good excuse to treat yourself with a new dress!!!

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