January 22, 2010

Another green light!!

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Just got to work after my baseline ultrasound, and long story short – all looks good and we’re cleared to start stims tomorrow night! 

Funny story though…the doctor that did the procedure this morning (another doc I hadn’t met yet, more on that later) was amazed when she got her first shot of my ovaries.  She had just finished reading off my uterus and lining  measurements to the attending nurse (2.2 – I thought that sounded low, but she said it was very good) and was like “…and THAT’S an ovary!”  LOL!!  I was like, “yup, that’s what mine look like” (i.e. if you were my RE you would know)…  But then she said that my ovaries are actually the size of some people’s UTERUS!  I have always known that I was an extreme case (of PCOS), but had never had anyone put it in those terms. 

Then she went on to say that she wasn’t going to bother counting follicles (that she “can’t count that high”, lol), and that she wished she had a med student or resident to show (yes, I know I’m an anomaly, thanks ;-P).  I started to say that I wished I didn’t have so many (I mean, we’re talking 30+ follies in each ovary, which is why I’m at such risk for OHSS), and she was like, “no, don’t wish that, it’s much better to have this than the alternative” and said “…don’t tell any of the ladies out in the lobby what your ovaries look like, you’ll incite a riot!”  Okay, kind of funny, and kind of sad…both for people like me at risk for OHSS and cancelled cycles, but also for those women who are poor responders and would KILL for 6 follicles, let alone 60.  Yet another example of wanting what we can’t have in this ridiculous IF battle…

Oh well, I’m going to try to stay positive and hope that the meds my RE chose for this cycle (Gonal-F and Repronex) do what they are supposed to do and create mature, good quality eggs, and that the Lupron does what IT’S supposed to do and suppresses the heck out of the rest of those suckers!  Speaking of meds, before I left, the nurse (another new person) sat down with me to make sure I didn’t have any other questions before starting my stims.  Good thing she did…because I have been freaking out about how to mix my meds (and wouldn’t have done it correctly if I hadn’t talked to her).  She broke it down for me, even drawing a diagram on a piece of paper, so now I should be good to go.  I start 75 units of Gonal-F and 75 units of Repronex tomorrow night at 7pm!

I also asked her about something that has been concerning me – whether my RE would be reviewing my bloodwork and ultrasound scans every time.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve come to discover that this practice operates as a true “practice” and that all of the dr’s and nurses rotate through each of the patients (taking week-long turns to cover the IVF procedures).  One of the huge benefits is that ultrasounds are always done by an RE, not a technician, but I’ve been feeling a bit concerned that no one person would be “managing” my care.  The nurse today – Jeannie – assured me that they were all fantastic and that they would take good care of me.  I guess I just have to hope that they keep good records…and be glad that I’m perfectly capable of managing my own care.  Jeannie said something about how everyone should just do their job and no one will get hurt and I was like “at least not until I’m on the meds for a little while!”  LOL 😉



  1. jsutera654 said,

    Ok *most* of that was total gibberish to me but what I did manage to capture out of that is that things are moving along as they should. YAY!! You got this, friend!! MWAH!

  2. Kari said,

    Congrats and good luck!! Sending you positive vibes for this cycle!! Here’s to 2010 being the year of success!! 🙂

  3. K.M. said,

    yay! congrats to you too! for some reason, i find it ridiculously reassuring to know that someone somewhere is going through the same thing at the same time. 🙂 i am also freaking about mixing the meds (Menopur for me) . i found some videos online that were very helpful. its crazy how three drugs have three completely different methods involved. good luck!

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