January 14, 2010

New opportunities…or just more stress?

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Back in October, I heard about a position that was opening up in my company – a sales rep position for the Boston territory (the current rep was supposedly going to be retiring) – and I jumped on it immediately.  Although I really like what I do (just not some of the people and politics), and don’t actually think I’m going to enjoy sales all that much – if I ever want to advance in this business, I have to head “out-of-house” for a while to prove that I understand our market and our customers.  And to add to that, local (Boston/New England) territories are extremely hard to come by – and since I’m obviously not going to leave S, and our house and his business have pretty much permanently tied us to this area – I really felt like I had to take advantage of this opportunity.  So I spoke to the hiring manager to express my interest, at which point it quickly turned into a waiting game.  Right before Christmas, I heard that the rep would not be retiring until late spring at the earliest, so I just chalked it up to another “meant to be” – that I should focus on getting and staying pregnant, and that maybe this position would just be too difficult at this point in my life. 

That was all well and good, until Tuesday afternoon, when I heard from the manager that rep was in fact retiring (and soon!), that the position would be open on March 1st, and was I still interested.  Yikes!  Obviously, this is not great timing at this point…I could potentially be going through this really intense, 4-5 round interview process, while ALSO going through IVF!!  And then if I DO get the position, I wouldn’t even be in it for a year before going on maternity leave, and it would be an extremely challenging (physically and emotionally) position to hold while pregnant.  But on the flip side, if I don’t grab the position now, who knows when an opportunity like this might come along again?  And this might actually be a really good position to have once the baby arrives (if we can’t swing me staying at home, or working part time) – I’d have a lot of flexibility to set my own schedule and even work from home most days!  Then if it turns out that we ARE able to afford me taking some time off, the experience I’d get from this position would enable me to get back into the industry easier, and probably at a higher level.

So.  S and I sat down and talked about it last night, and we agreed that I’d go for it.  The extra $ will help us pull together a little nest egg, and the flexibility and advancement prospects will be worth the extra challenge and effort.  S is on board and knows that he’s going to be doing a lot of the work around the house if I’m working 10 hour days AND pregnant.  He was really cute – I was like, “What if all I can handle is work and don’t have any energy left over for cooking/laundry/etc?  Will you be okay taking care of all that?”  And he says, “Well of course, you’d be pregnant.”  So apparently he’s going to have the patience of a saint when I’m an incubator…I just hope we survive the stim hormones. 😉 

So wish me luck!  I’m about to press “Send” on my resume and cover letter and have my first informational interview this afternoon – eek!!  Today, I’m clearly thankful for new challenges and opportunities!


Also, please continue to keep the people of Haiti in your prayers.  If you are able to donate – no matter how little – please find a reputable agency and do so!  Let’s show them that they are not alone.



  1. Kari said,

    What a wonderful, challenging opportunity!! Good luck and I hope you secure the position AND are successful with the next cycle, 2010 is a great time for new beginings!! 🙂

  2. Jolene said,

    Sounds like a great decision and opp, and good thought process on the pros and cons! I hope you get it 🙂

  3. suchagoodegg said,

    GOOD LUCK! I think it’s great you’re going for it. You have to live your life. If it becomes a challenge down the road, well, you’ll just cross that bridge when you come to it. Sounds like you and your hubs will make a great team no matter what this job or life throws at you. For now, shine in the interview process and go get that job!!!

  4. 21reena said,

    What a great opportunity!!! AND I love how your husband seems up to the challenge!

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