January 8, 2010


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My latest worry has been whether or not to get the H1N1 vaccine.  Now that they’re finally available, I’m running up against the beginning of our IVF cycle which means it’s now or never.  As a bit of a background, I’m generally wary of vaccines (especially for kids), but for years I have gotten the seasonal flu vaccine – partly because I used to get really sick (mostly because I was in college and not taking very good care of myself ;-)) but also because my youngest bro gets terrible (hospitalization-worthy) asthma when he’s sick, so our whole family would get it so we didn’t bring anything home.  I got the vaccine again this year, but have been dragging my feet with the H1N1, because of the things I’ve heard about mercury levels, not enough development/testing, and first trimester miscarriages.

On Wednesday I called the RE’s office to see what they recommended, hoping that they would be able to convince me one way or another.  A nurse called back and said “Sure, you can get the H1N1 vaccine, just do it before you start cycling (on Wednesday)!”  So I asked, “Okay, I know I can get it, but is that what you recommend?”  My answer?  “YUP!”  Great, thanks for the help.

So then I posted a question on the Resolve/Inspire board, and have heard a lot of varying opinions.  Basically, no one would do it in the first trimester, but lots of the more high risk pregos did it once they passed that phase (and once it became available).  I also heard from doctors and nurses, who unfortunately did not share much in the way of consensus.  So then I asked one of my nurse friends (two others that I know already got it) and she recommended that I do get the vaccine, since we’re trying to get pregnant and pregnant women are one of the most high risk groups with the H1N1.

So I guess now I’m leaning towards getting it (though I was leaning against it earlier this morning).  I just don’t know if it’s worth the risks, considering that we’re so close to the end of the typical flu season.  But this flu doesn’t seem to be following any of the rules, and I would hate to get super sick during our first trimester…ugh.  S doesn’t believe in medicine in general so he’s no help. 😉  What do you all think???  Have you/are you getting the vaccine??

Oh, P.S. 😉  Today I am thankful that it is FRIDAY, that my animals let us sleep through the entire night last night, and that I’m going on a movie date with S later tonight (seeing Leap Year! we obviously have to see anything set in Ireland ;-)) to the Premium Cinema!



  1. Elisabeth said,


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    I am contacting you after stumbling across your blog. I am recruiting participants for my study, and wanted to invite you and your husband to take part. All that would be involved would be the completion of an online survey, that would take approximately 20 minutes. All couples who complete the surveys will receive a voucher good for a pair of free movie tickets at a Regal Cinemas.

    Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at UTInfertilityResearch@gmail.com .


  2. Kari said,

    I got the H1N1 vaccine the same day I triggered for IVF. My RE & OB strongly recommended it. I got the regular one, not the mercury-free. I was worried but I’m glad that I got it. I work in an airport and people are germy everywhere here. It was a decision I agonized over but in the end I knew that it wasn’t worth the risk of getting H1N1 while pregnant. I felt more comfortable getting the shot when I had eggs in me, rather than an actual baby. I felt the risk was higher to an actual baby. If I was you and I could have gotten it before my cycle started I would have jumped all over the chance. DH was briefed by someone at CDC for work the other day and they said because of the cold H1N1 will be sort of quieted down for now. They’re expecting another outbreak when the weather warms up. DH got the shot too. Good luck with the tough decision. Either way you’re only doing what you feel is best for baby.

  3. Kari said,

    Sorry one last thing. Since I started going to the OB at every appointment she’s asked if I had the H1N1 vaccine. I keep reminding her that I did and she says she’s only asking because she really recommends it to her patients. Just one medical opinion. Although I don’t trust her baby dating skills, I do fully trust her medical opinion.

  4. K.M. said,

    i got the H1N1 vaccine a few days before Christmas, knowing that I’d be cycling soon and wanted to get it beforehand. I’m usually a bit wary of vaccines but I also read some really scary stories about women who were pregnant and got really sick with H1N1. I also felt like i was exposed to a lot of germs through my school, as well as by attending sporting events (my bro has season tickets – lucky me). Since getting the vaccine, I’ve felt good about it and am less freaked out by trips to the grocery store, etc. Also, my RE highly recommended that I get it as soon as it was available. Kari is right though, you’ll decide what is right for you – there are definitely lots of factors to consider.

  5. K.M. said,

    almost forgot! we are going to see Leap Year this weekend for the exact same reason. 🙂

  6. My doctor recommended the H1N1 even when I was in my first trimester. It was very important to me because I had been exposed to it on multiple occasions and also have a friend who lost her baby due to a hematoma that ruptured due to high fever from H1N1 in the first trimester. After all we’d done (and you are doing) it was not worth the risk.

    I am all about vaccinations, but that’s because I have family that has been affected by polio and I know people have all kinds of reasons not to get vaccinated, but I find it cruel to even allow the possibility of a child going through that hell. I was not afraid of getting the vax really because I was more worried about my babies being harmed from illness in my body. I had no side effects at all and have never contracted H1N1 although I was exposed repeatedly (and by exposed I mean blood and vomit on my hands). I felt 100% better that I got the vaccine.

    My babies are growing at a wonderful rate, they are moving, and appear to be normal in every way and I did receive the vax in the first trimester! Do what you must, but my opinion is that you will feel better if you do! Also, at our clinic, if you came into the office with flu symptoms your cycle got cancelled so that you wouldn’t expose other people to it!! 😦

  7. Eileen said,

    I really recommend getting the vaccine. I was one of the unlucky ones to actually have H1N1 in 2009 and let me tell you girl it is scary business! You don’t want to risk it!

  8. Amy said,

    Glad you got the shot, lady! How was Leap Year?

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