December 9, 2009

Week in review

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Wow, it’s been almost ten days since my last post…sorry friends!  In a nutshell, work has been INSANE…and it’s rubbing off on my personal life.  Last week I hosted two focus groups, helped run a half-day team meeting, and had two days worth of a company-wide retreat, complete with breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks with our out-of-town employees.  Everything went well, but it was exhausting being on-duty for that long…so most nights I just came home and crashed, much to S’s dismay.

Besides feeling uber-overwhelmed, I’m annoyed that the stress of work is preventing me from getting in the Christmas spirit.  I’m actually so wound up that I’m planning to do ALL of my shopping online, because I don’t want to interact with people in any way, shape, or form!  That says it all, huh? 

I’m trying to do everything I can think of to get myself in a better frame of mind…went to early morning mass with my Mom today, and am planning to go to a special healing mass tomorrow night.  I’ve also been spending what time I can just cuddling with S and our fur-babies, and trying not to care too much about having a “perfect” Christmas (decorations, gifts, etc.) this year.  I just want to try to connect with the reason for the season, and take care of myself, my family (and of course my friends!).

In other news, I got my period yesterday (yay!) and officially started my meds protocol for our upcoming IVF!!  The first step is 5-6 weeks of birth control pills (I know, BC pills to help get pregnant, crazy huh??), to help bring my hormones levels back to normal.  Then we start Lupron in mid-January, followed by Gonal F and Repronex on the 23rd.  Right now, the estimated date for the egg retrieval is February 3rd, and February 9th-ish for the (hopefully 5-day) transfer. 

I also found out that I’ll be taking baby As.pirin and Medrol (a low-dose steroid) from ER, through and past ET.  Apparently there are some new studies that say these things help with implantation, so my clinic has been doing that for all IVF patients for the past six months or so.  Has anybody else done this (Ashley – I think you did?)?  Also, in addition to the progesterone shots after ER, I’ll also be using Vivelle patches from the ET through the 2WW – does anyone know what that is for? 

It’s weird…I know that I’ve said that I wanted to do things differently this time around (because the previous protocol obviously didn’t work), but now that I’m being forced out of my “comfort zone,” I’m nervous!  The specifics about my protocol were mailed to me on a calendar and then discussed over the phone with a nurse, so I think I just feel a little blind-sided.  I could call the RE, but I’m not even sure what I’d ask him…so I guess I’m just asking for help from YOU!  Has anybody used both Gonal F/Repronex and Follistim – how do they differ (response, side effects, etc.)?  What about the As.pirin/Medrol therapy – success stories?  Side effects?  Basically, is there anything I’m missing, or should ask about??



  1. 21reena said,

    SO excited you’re able to start!!!!! I have no idea about the protocals since I haven’t started yet…but I’ll be sure to ask you in February when I’m starting.

    How’s the couch to 5k going? can’t lie, didn’t start yet – been so busy with work and then SO tired – I was gonna 2nite (I mentioned you in my blog), but then i remembered the season finale of Glee is on tonight- so I may not…I MUST TOMORROW!!!

    • lifebytheday said,

      Hey lady! Don’t worry, I haven’t started yet either!! 😉 It’s been snowing and freezing in MA (where do you live?), but I hope to power through it this weekend. I just went to the doctor this morning to get an inhaler (I have exercise induced asthma), so more more excuses! I’m so glad you’re doing this at the same time…you’ll guilt me into it! 🙂

      • 21reena said,

        I live in NY..cold cold cold! I didn’t run last night…I think Saturday is going to be a great start date, we have to do it! I have exercise induced asthma too! I don’t have an inhaler though (it expired years ago and i haven’t exerted myself enough since, to need it.)

        ok- so we have to check in after Saturday and be sure that we actually did it 🙂

  2. Ashley said,

    I’m so glad you’re starting! And yes, I did the Medrol/Aspirin combo. I did not have any side effects to it and I am on the aspirin until 20 weeks. I think that the aspirin is most commonly used with people who have had previous miscarriages, but I was SO thankful we just went ahead and did it. I have only used Follisitm for both IUI and IVF. I also did 6 weeks of bcps and I was so pissed about it, but I think it played a role in the success of the cycle.

    I totally think this is it for you. You have a great protocol (I used the same), you’re body has rested and you dropped an egg in the meantime (that happened to me right before my cycle) and you will get pregnant in February because it is the best month of the year (I was born). 🙂 So basically, I would say fingers crossed for you, but I already KNOW that it will be a huge success that you totally deserve and I cannot wait to hear about it!!!!

    • lifebytheday said,

      Thanks for the positive vibes, Ashley! I secretly think this is it too, but I’m nervous to get my hopes up too high… I’ll just hope that all of the similarities with your cycle will rub off on me! 😉

  3. Myndi said,

    I did Medrol/Aspirin my first IVF and am now 10w1d pregnant with a singleton. Since it was my first cycle, I don’t know if it made a difference, but since the cycle was successful, I’d say it certainly can’t hurt.

    In terms of meds, I did Menopur and Gonal-f. Great results. So many drugs out there though, and I’m unclear on the differences.

    How exciting to be well on your way. Congrats and good luck!

  4. Kari said,

    So excited you are starting your cycle!! I’m looking forward to some super sweet Valentine’s Day(or just after) news from you!! 🙂 I did baby aspirin during my first IVF. Stopped it and lost the baby 2 weeks later. I don’t know if it’s related but this time I’m planning to stay on baby aspirin the entire time. I’m also on Lovenox though so the baby aspirin is just for my peace of mind, Lovenox does the same thing. I did Follistim and Menopur for my cycles. Good luck!!

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