November 24, 2009

Six degrees of separation, PCOS style!

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A(nother!) friend of mine was recently (and tentatively) diagnosed with PCOS.  I was just talking to her sister and realized that, of our group of eight women – we get together once a month for a girls’ night potluck 🙂 – 50% of us have PCOS!!!  That is INSANE!  So of course, I immediately hit up Google, which claims that the number is more like 5-10%.  So what’s going on here?? 

I have long maintained that hormone disorders like this are due, in large part, to the hormones added to our milk, meat, etc.  For this reason, I try hard to buy only organic meat, dairy, and vegetables…although, sometimes my wallet precludes complete adherence to that rule.  But one thing I know for sure, my kids (and me, once I’m pregnant) will be eating ONLY organic.  I know, I’ll be the mom all of the kids hate, but I’m willing to sacrifice popularity. 😉  Or else I’ll get very good at tricking them!

But seriously, this is SCARY!  And so much more serious, medically, than *just* not being able to get pregnant.  To my readers, how many people do you know with PCOS?  And has anybody heard anything definitive about causes???

(P.S. For those just diagnosed, check out my Resources bloglist to the right).



  1. 21reena said,

    I know a bunch a people now with PCOS, but I only know they have it because I publicly blurt out that I have it. So many people keep it a secret and that’s why I don’t think many people know what it is and why there isn’t as much research on it. I had never heard of it until after I was diagnosed. I just bought some PCOS awareness buttons (and I am not a button person at all) to put on my bags and give to family – just to get some exposure out there. I found them on cafepress.

    Thanks for the poll!

  2. Ashley said,

    I know people who have it, but have never known anyone in real life who had fertility problems because of it. We went on the organic eating for over a year and I felt great, but it made NO difference in my PCOS, blood sugar, cholesterol, testosterone or anything else that they check for! I’ve never had any issues with any of those things, but still have cysts despite a diet overhaul.

    Do you want to know my theory?? It’s that PCOS is being diagnosed as PCOS, but that’s not what it is. I think there are probably quite a few different diseases that are unnamed and called PCOS because you might have one of the symptoms.

  3. APlusB said,

    I know quite a few people with PCOS. In fact, several girls in my neighborhood all were diagnosed in high school…they all lived on the same street…interesting, eh?
    Anyway, organic is the way to go! No matter what, knowing what is going into your body is a good thing!

  4. Carrie said,

    I agree!!!! My frist RE actually TOLD me to stop eating meat and dairy w/ added hormones and to try and eat an organic diet. I am also a third grade teacher, and several girls have begun getting their PERIODS at age 8!!! One parent told me that their doctor has seen a dramatic rise in very young girls getting their periods and he also believes it is because of all the hormones in our food….


  5. Bree said,

    I know my PCOS is caused by insulin resistance. However, I also believe that the chemicals added to our food are contributing to rampant fertility problems. I can’t view your resources on my phone, but will check them out. I like The Infertility Die. And The Infertility Cure.

  6. Mrs. Gamgee said,

    One thing that I can’t get away from in my mind is that it is a ‘catch all’ diagnosis. It’s the first thing many OBs go to, even before doing the diagnostic testing. I had an ob tell me that I had PCOS simply based on my weight. He hadn’t asked me any questions about my cycles (regular all my life, charting for two years and always show ovulation), didn’t take a family history, nothing… just assumed because I am plus-sized that I have to have PCOS.

    I think it is a sort of panacea that some doctors give to their IF patients because they don’t want to say they don’t know why their patients are having trouble getting pregnant.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I know that PCOS is a real disorder… I just think it’s been over diagnosed.

  7. Fran said,

    That’s some high stat!!

    i don’t have PCOS myself, but I know a good few who have it. I’m with you with the organic food. Love, Fran


  8. Jen said,

    I have to say that that stat seems wrong or PCOS is over diagnosed. It just doesn’t add up does it?

  9. Nixy said,

    Stopping in for ICLW, and thanks for swinging by my blog! I personally don’t know anyone with PCOS, or at least, I don’t know anyone who is open about it. I do agree with everyone that posted about meat and diet, and it’s so frustrating that the meat/food industry doesn’t feel a little bit more responsible for providing the public with good, quality food.

  10. junebug said,

    I agree with you on both counts. I think that PCOS is over diagnosed – it almost seems like the easy way out inside of searching for more answers. I, also, believe the hormones and additives are a big problem with our society. I prefer organic.

  11. samcy said,

    I know several ppl with PCOS but I know most of them through my fertility clinic so I guess that raises the odds a tad right?
    Scary stats tho…


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