November 17, 2009

Calling all chefs!

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S and I are hosting Thanksgiving for my family this year (second annual!), and I just realized that it is in less than TEN DAYS!!  I guess that means I should starting thinking about menu, huh?  I LOVE trying new recipes, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to ask for some ideas, and share some of my favorites with you!

Obviously, we always have turkey, mashed potatoes (mixed with Alouette cheese, my dad’s specialty), and stuffing (Pepperidge Farm, from a bag ;-)), and a wide variety of vegetables.  But the fun stuff is always the casseroles and new recipes I try!

Some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes include:
– corn souffle – a recipe from my aunt and uncle, a moister and corn-filled corn bread (I’ll post the recipe later)
– whiskey-glazed carrots – a la Pioneer Woman,

And here are some new recipes I’m planning to try, courtesy of Good Housekeeping:
– sangria cranberry sauce
– pear and ginger crisp with spiced whipped cream

I will try to take pictures of these recipes as I cook them this year, although I’m not sure whether I’m a good enough multi-tasker for that. 😉

So what are you all cooking for Thanksgiving?  Secret family recipes?  New ideas you’re planning to try?  Please share!!



  1. cristin said,

    i too am hosting thanksgiving this year (though only for the in-laws)! i’ve never made a turkey before, but of course am determined to make the best one ever, so i’m going to try brining one. the fat kid in me would love to deep fry the thing, but i’d probably die in the process, so the oven will have to do. i’m still recipe hunting for other fun things though. those carrots do look lovely!

  2. D said,

    Growing up Italian we always had a turkey and stuffed shells, or lasagna. For the longest time I thought that was the norm! This year we are doing a “weekend after” Thanksgiving at my house and you guessed it I’m going to attempt lasagna! Good luck with your meal! Everything sounds delish!

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