November 11, 2009


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Soooo apparently changing the diagnosis code is considered insurance fraud – who knew?!?   I suspected that it wouldn’t be a possibility anyways, but they did agree to put us on a payment plan, which just takes the stress down a notch.  We probably could have paid the bills now, but since we won’t be charged any interest, it makes more sense to pay in installments.

In other news, I’m leaving this afternoon for a work conference in Vegas through Saturday, although between meetings and other events, I probably won’t see the front of a slot machine the entire time I’m there.  And another bummer?  My best friend from Ireland arrives tonight with her mom and sister to do some Christmas shopping in Boston, and leaves again before I get back! :-/  Anyways, I’m sure I’ll survive…and hopefully I’ll come back to healthy and happy furbabies and a clean house (although that last one is doubtful ;-))!

And speaking of furbabies…here are some new pics, for your viewing pleasure!


Post living-room-500.


And watching the squirrels 😉



  1. Kari said,

    Nothing better than an orange cat!! There are slot machines at the airport in Vegas so you might see one of those!! 🙂 Try to have a good time in Vegas anyway.

  2. 21reena said,

    Glad they gave you a payment plan – hope that helps with the stress. Have a great trip!

  3. Lauren said,

    promised I’d comment someday…

    I LOVE how they love each other! SO cute 🙂 Can’t wait to come over sometime soon and see them in action!!

  4. Mel said,

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the furbabies. XOXO

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