November 9, 2009

Where’s the money tree when you need it?

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Besides the emotional rollercoaster and physical toll of infertility, it has also been a challenge for us financially.  We had to deal with losing our health insurance coverage for infertility (see previous post), and ended up buying our own insurance so that we could take advantage of the fantastic (and state-mandated) coverage offered by Blue Cross of MA.  We’ve committed to paying more month to month, but less in the long run – almost all IF treatments are 100% covered!  But just when I thought we were out of the woods, money wise, I got one of those things from the doctor where they explain what they’ve submitted to the insurance company (you know, those things called “this is not a bill”?)… 

We switched to our own insurance on 10/15 (right before my MRI), but prior to that we had had a consultation with the doctor and did several blood tests and ultrasounds (for me).  I assumed (wrongly!) that since those were diagnostics, not actual IVF procedures, that they would be covered, but it doesn’t look like it.  S is upset with me because he suspected as much, and asked me to delay my appts with the RE until the new insurance was in place.  I just couldn’t see the forest through the trees and at the time was only worried about when the RE would have his next opening and how long it would take from consultation to transfer.  Now I have to try to work with the financial services coordinator to see if there’s any way they can bill the charges differently (under a diagnosis code that’s NOT infertility), or else set up a payment plan…think they’ll let us pay $50/month for 10 years?? 😦




  1. Ashley said,

    I am so sorry!! I HATE insurance. A week after we completed IVF I got a $700.00 bill for blood tests. I said no way, everything should be covered now. Turns out my insurance doesn’t recognize their lab, only one of the big chain type labs. Of course . . . . I guess the money order I brought them for $9,000.00 for the IVF didn’t cover blood tests.

    If you ever discover a money tree, please let me know!! A health insurance tree would be good too. 🙂 Or if you find a baby tree, like the cabbage patch, that would be fabulous as well.

  2. 21reena said,

    omg- insurance is the worst!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kari said,

    Ugh. What a HUGE bummer. I’m sorry. That really stinks. Like we all don’t have enough to worry and stress about. It’s truly criminal how much this stuff costs. Truly.

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