November 2, 2009

Why we need to have kids…

Posted in Furbabies tagged , , , at 10:13 am by lifebytheday

…and soon! 

Exhibit A:









  1. Kari said,

    Oh my goodness I love it!! She looks adorable!! I tried to dress my kitties up for Halloween but my DH said NO WAY!! So I know what you mean!! I also decided that I need kids soon yesterday when I was looking at all the toys in the Toys R US big Christmas book. There’s a lot I want to play with in there!! 🙂

  2. egghunt said,

    Hey, I’ve just found your blog and wanted to pop in and say hi. Your dog looks adorable!!! And to be honest, she looks like she’s really enjoying it! Some pets look like they are in pain when they are dressed up, yours looks like she is strutting on the cat-walk!!

  3. 21reena said,

    SO CUTE!!!

  4. Ashley said,

    That is so funny!! I love the outfit. We always dress our dog up like Santa Claus at the Holiday’s. He also has a pair of overalls. He doesn’t wear them as gracefully as your little lady does, she looks fabulous!

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