October 29, 2009

Ready, set…go! (If he knows what’s good for him!)

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This afternoon I have my second consultation with the new RE.  After a long month of blood tests, ultrasounds, and an MRI thrown in for good measure, I am so READY to move forward.  The last time we met, my RE said that he couldn’t make any recommendations until he knew more, and very politely (and without my realizing) steamrolled over any questions I might have had.  He is very thoughtful, but kind of intense, and I’m still trying to figure out how to interact with him.  He reminded me that I have had some very serious issues and that I shouldn’t want to do another round of IVF unless he can convince me that’s the right next step.  Now, I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think there are many other options open to a (healthy, 20-something) woman who does not ovulate. 😉

So needless to say, I am extremely interested to hear what he has to say today.  I’m anxious – not worried, just ready – to know the results of my MRI and the blood clotting tests.  Besides those tests, everything else was a repeat and I can pretty much guarantee what he’ll find there.  I also want to make sure that I ask all the right questions, and actually get answers for everything that I need! 

Here are my Q’s:

  • Protocol – I’ve been doing what I think is called a “long Lupron” protocol (BCPs, Lupron, Follistim) and always overrespond.  Questions – Should we consider the “antagonist” protocol?  What does that entail?
  • Fertilization – We’ve never had more than one embryo to work with, despite 18-19 eggs harvested.  Should we consider ISCI?
  • Retrieval – What are we going to do to ensure that I don’t have bleeding this time?
  • Transfer –
    • With both of my previous cycles we’ve done 3-day transfers.  Should we consider 5-day?  Pros/cons?
    • If we end up with multiple embryos to work with this time, can we consider transferring two?  Does it depend on the embryo quality?  I’m pretty sure I know the pros and cons, but confirm.

To all you IF veterans, is there anything I’m missing???



  1. 21reena said,

    How did you appointment go? I hope you got all your questions answered. Thanks again for the award – I just finished “spreading the love”!

  2. gailly said,

    I hope the appointment went well. I’m new to IVF so this will be my first time but I’ve asked for half normal IVF and half ICSI (should we get the chance). Would be interested to find out what they’ve advised you though.

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