October 22, 2009

You are what you eat

Posted in Infertility, Life at 9:42 am by lifebytheday

A year ago, I had my first appointment with my acupuncturist/nutritionist/ herbalist and started what would become the most intense diet change of my life.  NO SUGAR!  Oh, and also no diary, no gluten, no soy, no artificial ingredients of any kind, extra eggs, nuts, and red meat.  (There was a specific reason for each change, which unfortunately I don’t remember – but essentially it was the “Fertility Diet” with some tweaks specific to PCOS.)  I really didn’t mind most of the changes, but the no sugar thing was a HUGE adjustment.  Think about it!  Even for people that aren’t sugar-aholics like I was…that means black coffee/tea, no juice or soda, no baked goods, pretty much no pre-packaged snacks of any kind!  I know a lot of people who would have done changes this major in stages, but I’m more of a cold turkey kind of girl. 😉

So I followed that diet pretty religiously for about 9 months – three months without cheating at all (except for dark chocolate and red wine, which was allowed ;-)), and another six months only making allowances on weekends and for parties.  I felt great – lost ten pounds – and could definitely tell when I cheated by my body’s reaction.  After doing this for such a long time (and still not seeing a regular period to show for all of my hard work), I got tired of denying myself and my willpower sort of fizzled.  The past few months I’ve been living it up – eating cheese, sugar, drinking more wine than I’d care to admit…and I feel pretty disgusting.  I still look pretty much the same, besides those ten pounds I’ve gained back, but my digestive system (sorry, TMI) has gone to hell.  I hate to admit that I might have to give up my sugar love FOREVER, but something has got to change. 

I go back to the RE a week from today, and hopefully he’ll have a plan and tell me we can start prepping for IVF #3, so I think I need to spend the next week getting my diet back on track.  Maybe I need to put a food tracking widget on my blog so that I’m embarassed enough to follow the rules. 😉  Except I’m not starting until tomorrow – one more binge-fest tonight, Mexican style!



  1. Jess said,

    You are a nut, you look great, as is! I’m with you on no deprivation, I’m more of a balance kinda gal…though I have to admit, the wine consumption has been a little outta control lately 😉

  2. 21reena said,

    Wow, that’s amazing that you’ve been able to follow that diet. My DRs have never suggested it for me, but everything I read makes me think that I should in order to boost fertility. Anyway, I just found your blog today and would like to add it to my blogrool, please let me know if you’d like me to remove it. Good luck with everything!

  3. iamstacey said,

    I’m with ya, girlfriend. Trying to get the ol’ diet under control in preparation for IVF #1. Here’s to willpower!

  4. romancingthestone said,

    Best of luck to you! I’m on IVF round 3 as well and I know how hard this journey is. I’ll be thinking of you! Shell http://romancingthestone.wordpress.com

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