October 9, 2009

Home stretch

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Sorry friends, didn’t mean to make you wait allllll week for a new post!  I had good intentions to post IF/bathroom/IF/bathroom posts on a regular basis…but then I actually had to help with the bathroom this week, which meant that I was too tired to get up and into work on time most days this week, which then meant that I didn’t have time to do my blogging at work!  Anyways, moving on. 😉

SO much has happened with the bathroom this week…besides the fact that we finally moved back home after three weeks at my parents’ house!!
– The walls and ceiling have been plastered and sanded
– The last of the tile has been installed
– The linen closets (2 of them!!) have been purchased, built, and installed
– The window blind and shower curtain have been hung
– The TOILET has been re-installed
– The paint has been chosen and purchased
– The towel hooks, toilet paper rod, vanity hardware, new toilet seat, and overhead light/fan fixture have all been chosen and purchased (notice how I’m emphasizing “chosen”?  That’s the rough part with yours truly…)
– The tub has been christened…wait, what?  Oops, sorry…TMI 😉

The plan for the weekend is to finish grouting the last batch of tile, prime and paint the walls, ceiling, and trim, screw the vanity and linen closets into permanent position, and then wait for the granite countertop to be measured and installed early next week!  Then all that will be left to do is install the sink faucet and vanity hardware, hang the towel hooks and toilet paper rod, and accessorize!!  😉

Here’s a picture to tide you all over as we enter the home stretch…

bathroom with vanity

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  1. Amy said,

    I can’t wait to see it!

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