October 5, 2009

A tribute to my purse partner

Posted in Infertility, Marriage at 9:50 am by lifebytheday

I found a great article on Boston.com this morning when I signed on to do my daily news and blogs review – “Will he hold your purse?” http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/magazine/articles/2009/10/04/will_he_hold_your_purse/?p1=Well_MostPop_Emailed4.  The article caught my eye for its timeliness – since my wonderful husband did a stint as purse holder on Saturday night.  Actually, not only did he hold my purse, but he came to join us out after working in the bathroom all day, got lost and spent an hour driving around Boston, and then accompanied us to a drag queen dinner show. 😛  Some of my best friends turn 30 on Tuesday, so we organized a “high class” bar crawl.  Although, I’m not sure if drag queens equal high class, but oh well, lol!  I’m trying to enjoy my last few “drinkable” outings, and hoping that I won’t be able to drink very soon. 😉

So back to the article.  It talks about how it’s more important to pick a partner based on how they handle the tough times, than on specific at-the-moment interests.  My favorite quote – “When you’re a single woman picturing the guy of your dreams, what matters a heck of lot more than how he handles a kayak is how he handles things when you’re sick.”

For those of you that don’t know us personally, S and I don’t always see eye to eye. 😉  We are very different, but are both pretty stubborn and passionate (which makes for some doozies of fights), but one thing I know is that he will always be there for me, through anything.  After shedding a few tears reading this article – yes, sitting in my cube at 8am – I thought I’d share some of my favorite S taking care of me stories. 

  • When S and I were first dating, I went to visit him in Ireland and came down with a terrible ear infection.  He brought me back early from our romantic weekend away, took me to the doctor for meds, and then didn’t kill me after I blamed my penicillin allergic reaction on him not cleaning the tub well enough.
  • A year or so later, when I was living in Ireland, I got another (double) ear infection.  (Ireland and I don’t really get along – I always get sick when we go back to visit, lol.)  After waking up to me sobbing and rocking back on the floor, he called us a cab and took me to the emergency room, where they gave me some pain killers and I promptly passed out on a stretcher in the hallway.  All I remember from that night is him asking the doctor if he could have more of that medicine to bring home. LOL!
  • After we had moved back to the States, there was one particular night where we went out to a mini high school reunion.  After getting me back to my parents’ house, a bit worse for the wear, he managed to pick the lock to my father’s office (where I had locked myself in and then passed out), got me showered, changed and put to bed, and then cleaned up the vomit from various spots along the way.  I mean, if that doesn’t say love, what does? 😉
  • More recently, and a bit more seriously, is how S has handled our infertility treatments.  I don’t even think I can pinpoint one particular instance, but through every step of the way, he has been there for me with just the right mix of humor and compassion.  Whether it is signing our IVF consent forms (deciding what we’d do with frozen embryos if one or the other of us died, disappeared or divorced), bringing me food and treats and taking care of the laundry while I’m on bed rest after an embryo transfer, or sitting in the ER and holding my hand while I get a blood transfusion, S always knows (even when I don’t) whether I need a hug, or a joke, or a kick in the pants.

This is what I wish for all of you – to find the person that, while not perfect, is perfect for you.  Here’s a personal ad you can use, quoted from the purse article. 😉 
WANTED: A partner for richer or poorer and for better or worse and absolutely, positively in sickness and in health. A partner for fishing and French food and beach walks and kayak trips, but also for phone calls from physicians with biopsy results. A guy who knows that while much of marriage is a 50-50 give-and-take, sometimes it’s more like 80-20, and that’s OK, even when the 80-20 phase goes on and on. 

Thank you S, for everything.  I love you.



  1. Kari said,

    What a great post!! Sounds like S is 100% awesome!! It’s hard when going through life’s tough times to remember to be thankful for the wonderful things DH does for me and the ways he stands by my side, everything else sweeps in sometimes and clouds my mind. I need to try to remember to be more thankful for the things he does for me and ways he cares. Thanks for reminding me to take a moment to be thankful!! And thanks for stopping by my blog and offering support when I need it most!! 🙂

  2. Jess said,

    OMG I totally cried reading this! I love this post, its my favorite one of yours to date. S really is a pretty awesome guy, quirks and all. I love him 😉 And love the message at the end – so true, we all deserve to have our own “S” in our lives, right??

  3. Ashley said,

    That is so sweet! S sounds great! It is nice to think about the things we can be thankful for.

  4. cristin said,

    love this. i just cried for the second time this morning, which means it is definitely time for bed. but just fyi, that’s like the sweestest thing ever, and i had no idea he had to pick the lock and rescue you one night. love it.

  5. jolene1079 said,

    aww!! that post gave me goosebumps!! You two are perfect for each other in just the slightly unperfect way that works so well. I’ve totally enjoyed watching your relationship evolve, as we get closer as well, and I love it. You guys are the best!! 🙂

  6. romancingthestone said,

    Lovely posting. I wish you the very best! M

  7. Savannah said,

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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