October 3, 2009

We have tile!

Posted in Remodeling tagged at 8:59 am by lifebytheday

The bathroom is really starting to come together, slowly but surely!  S worked on the tile all week, and my mom and I started cleaning it off last night in preparation for the grout. 

Some pics:


This is the view from the door.  That green wall will be plastered and painted a pale silvery gray.


And this is our new tub surround!  S is going to do the grout today and tomorrow and then things should really start to come together.  After the tile is all done, we can put the toilet in and then the vanity can get fitted for the countertop.  Hopefully we’re less than a week away from fully done!


Here, I saved the best picture for last…


Not the best picture, but I just had to share.  See how filthy S is?  Now imagine what the rest of my house looked like… 😉



  1. jolene1079 said,

    looking awesome! S looks so proud 😉

  2. cristin said,

    yay!! it looks awesome! good work!

  3. iamstacey said,

    I especially love the accent tile! The pic is so cute, he’s so proud! The bathroom is going to be awesome!

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