October 2, 2009

A beautiful…uterus?

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So the ball is finally rolling with our new RE…my first official consult with him was yesterday, although we have previously met with his nurse and have been working our way through the “pre-op” screening (blood tests, ultrasounds, etc.). 

I received a VM Wednesday morning at 9am, saying that I was scheduled for my “procedure” that day at 11:30.  What?!?  I knew that I needed to have something called a hysteroscopy (uterus + camera…you get the idea), but I had been waiting to hear back from the nurse with an appointment time.  Apparently it needs to be done on days 6-12, and Wednesday was day 12 – the nurse must have forgotten and then tried to squeeze me in.  Not impressed.  After keeping me waiting for almost an hour for my baseline ultrasound, this was defintely strike two. 

Luckily, my work is very flexible, and I just so happened not to have any meetings that morning, so I popped over for what I was told was going to be an “easy” procedure.  Without going into too much detail, let’s just say they had a very hard time getting in there…it was NOT pleasant.  But on the plus side, apparently I have a “beautiful uterus.”  😕  It was actually pretty cool, you can watch along on the screen as they do it, and I even got to see the openings to my fallopian tubes.  They did a few other tests and cultures while they were…ahem…there, so hopefully that will be it for a while.

Then yesterday I met with the doctor (after keeping me waiting for 45 minutes…the exact amount of time that I was late for our missed first appointment, grr!), only to find out that they hadn’t received my stim/egg sheets from my previous IVF cycles.  For you non-IFers, those are the details about the specific levels of medications I was taking, along with the resultant estrogen level and number of follicles, documented day by day.  The RE can’t make recommendations for next steps until he has seen that information, so that was another frustrating setback.  However, he wants to do some more tests before making a decision, which we discussed, so the meeting wasn’t a total waste. 

Next on the agenda are genetic testing for both S and I (to make sure there isn’t some rare factor that is impacting our ability to conceive), a brain MRI (to make sure there isn’t a tumor or something else weird going on in my head), and clotting tests (to figure out why I bled internally after our last ER.  I said to him “I was hoping that you’d just come up with a new concoction of drugs and send us on our way…!” 😛  A testiment to his true skill as a doctor, he assured me that he wouldn’t be treating me right if he didn’t search out every possible piece of information before making his decision and diagnosis.  He reminded me that I am in the 1% of difficult cases (go big or go home, right Jess? ;-)) and that after everything I have been through, he should be convincing me that whatever we do next is the right move.  I truly appreciate feeling like he’ll be treating me with kid gloves, especially after our past experiences, but it’s a little frustrating to have yet another instance of “hurry up and wait.” 

So the MRI is October 17th and our follow-up appointment is October 29th.  Hopefully that means we can get moving in early November – and maybe we’ll even be pregnant by Christmas!!



  1. jolene1079 said,

    Wow, you’re amazing! You have already gone through a lot, and this latest experience (the hurry up and wait) has got to be tough, but you have such a good spirit about it all. I’m praying for a Christmas gift for you 🙂

  2. Jess said,

    Absolutely – go big or go home is right!! And I love the fact that they called your uterus “beautiful” just like the rest of ya! 😉

  3. iamstacey said,

    You got some great results! Sorry about the waiting, img, I just hate that myself. I’m excited to hear what your doc has planned for you guys next!

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