September 20, 2009


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Wow, it’s been a long time since I last posted.  Lots has happened since then…

Had a fantastic “wine o’weekend” with S and some friends.  S has a client who offered us the use of her house on the Cape, in return for picking up and re-upholstering some furniture.  It was an eventful trip – S’s van broke down halfway there, and even though we have AAA, we had to wait for hours until the towing company could get a second vehicle to tow the attached U-HAUL trailer.  We left around 7pm, and what was supposed to be an under two hour drive turned into almost six.  We arrived around 1am, driving down a pitch-dark dirt road and trying to guess which house was ours.  Finally S went to investigate and said, “Yeah, this is the one.”  “So the key worked?” “No, it was open…”  LOL!  Luckily we found a note to S, so we knew we were safe…but can you imagine?  Busting into someone’s house at 1am, with them asleep upstairs?  It rained for most of the weekend, but we had two fantastically lazy days, filled with food, friends, and a lobster pot full of sangria. 😉

Then we spent this past week preparing for the bathroom remodel.  Monday we picked out our faucets and tub/shower fixtures, Tuesday we chose the countertop (black granite with subtle gray flecks), Wednesday we moved in with my folks…and demo began Thursday!  Construction began in earnest on Friday – my dad did the electrical, S finished the demo, and then our contractor family friend arrived Friday night.  Saturday was spent moving and replacing plumbing, and putting up the sheetrock for the wall to the guest room, and today (hopefully!) the will be tub going in.  This process has made me realize what wonderful friends (and family!) we have.  Our friends have given up their whole weekend just to help us (and my parents have given up any semblance of peace at their house for the foreseeable future ;-)).

Oh, just got a call from S…gotta make a Home Depot run!  I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow…

Happy Sunday everybody!


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