September 9, 2009

RE impressions

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Now that I’ve had a chance to simmer down a little bit, I thought I’d share some of my impressions from yesterday’s meeting.

  • My new RE – Dr. Toth at the Vincent Center of Mass General Hospital – seems extremely kind and thoughtful.  I’m reserving judgment until I see what he recommends based on our previous IF history, but he clearly knows what he’s doing.  Besides being the chief, he’s obviously in high demand!
  • His nurse also seems very nice – funny, down to earth, and just really a good person.  During IVF cycles, I’ll be interacting more with her than with the doctor, so it was nice to feel comfortable with her right off the bat.
  • The lab is on the same floor as the main office, and it seems like only IF patients use that particular lab.  Yesterday during my blood test, I warned the phlebotomist that I hadn’t eaten or drank anything yet that morning (makes it harder to draw blood, FYI) and that I have tough veins…and not only did she get it in first time, but I didn’t even feel the needle going in!  Yay for people who know what they’re doing!! 😉
  • The location is super convenient – when I get to the point in my cycle where I’m going for a blood test and ultrasound every other day, I’ll just have to hop off the subway halfway to work, do my business, and get back on for 4 more stops!
  • The best part of all is the VIEW.  The office is located on the 10th floor, with a gorgeous view of the city of Boston.  S actually stopped on our way out to take a picture (I’ll post it later tonight. :-))

The only bad parts of the office were the receptionists – a pair of surly young ladies – but (since I didn’t meet with the doctor) at least I didn’t get charged a co-pay!  😉


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  1. iamstacey said,

    I’m so glad there were a lot of positives! The doc and the RN sound great. And you’re right, once you’re in the endless loop of u/s and b/w appointments, it’ll be SO great to have them close!

    I wonder where all those surly front desk people come from. Businesses know that they’re the face of the business, the first impression, and set the tone for the office. Where are all the helpful, cheerful ones?

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