September 4, 2009

More bathroom

Posted in Remodeling tagged at 8:05 am by lifebytheday

I realized I haven’t given a bathroom update this week, and I didn’t want any of you to feel left out of the insanity – I mean, fun! 😉  Regrettably, just because I haven’t mentioned the renovations lately, doesn’t mean that all is sunshine and light at my house…

Last Friday, we made last minute plans with some good friends of ours, and ended up talking about our bathroom renovations over dinner.  This couple just recently finished a big kitchen remodel, which they largely did themselves, so S spent the night asking our guy friend questions about this or that, while I commiserated with my girl friend about the chaos and mess! 😛  We decided to continue our night back at our place…one thing led to another…and before we knew it, S and B were demo-ing the bathroom wall!  And I mean, really demolishing it…B and C stayed overnight, but had to sleep on the pull-out couch in our living room because the guest room then had a nice view of the toilet! 


Saturday, S and I finished the rest of the demo, and then S framed out the new wall on Sunday.

Next steps – my dad has to pull the electrical through the studs, and then S will put up the sheetrock for the new wall.  And save the date, the official remodel begins on September 17th!  We’ll move out that Wednesday, S will spend Thursday demo-ing the rest of the bathroom (tub, tiles, etc.), and then our family friend arrives Friday to do the plumbing and help S install the new tub, sink, etc.  The beginning of the following week we’ll be tiling and painting, and then we should be back in by Wednesday or so. 

I just can’t wait until it’s all DONE…


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